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14th Radley Gardens Competition

The Parish Council’s 14th annual Garden Competition was held on Saturday, 3rd July. The Council is most grateful to the 12 judges, who freely gave their time and came from Abingdon and Kennington. Most had judged for us before. Also to the Guides who shepherded the judges round the village. The Council is also grateful for sponsorship from Robert Mattocks Roses of Lodge Hill for plants for the winners, and to the following givers of donations: Ezra Attia, Berinsfield Community Services, The Bowyer Arms, Copycat Services, J Curtis & Sons Ltd, Peter L Mansbridge and Son, Peachcroft Farm, Ringrose Tree Services and RWE npower. Additional thanks go to Jenny Standen and Marion Natham for co-ordinating the provision of an excellent lunch and tea for the judges and guides.


Let’s keep Radley beautiful.

The judging criteria remained as they were last year. Even so, the judges decided to award a higher number of ‘Commended’ awards in some categories than in previous years. We would like to think that this reflects an improvement in the overall standard of gardens in the village, which, after all, is what the competition is all about.


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Highly Commended Gardens (5.6MB)

Winning Gardens (1.9MB)




Attia Trophy:    Dian & Michael Slay, 51 Foxborough Road

Runner up:      Geoffrey & Doreen Wormwell, 19 Sugworth Crescent

Highly Commended:   Carol Milward, 3 Stonhouse Crescent; Jack & Shirley Griffin, 34 Sugworth Lane; Eva & Peter Fennell, 8 Ferny Close; Margaret Timms, 7 Willow Way; Mark & Marina Hussey, 30 Bigwood Park; Charles & Yvonne Milward, 27 Selwyn Crescent

Commended:   Peter & Joy McWhirter, 3 Drysdale Close; Nicholas Frearson, Gooseacre Farm; Jenny & Tony Lee, Hidcote, Gooseacre; Brian & Letitia Smith, 10 Gooseacre; Constance Ward, 5 Gooseacre; Anthony & Veronica Fisher, 2 New Road; Peter Ruiz, 19 New Road; Elsie & Roy Fox, 108 Foxborough Road; Daisy & Peter Turner, 102 Foxborough Road; Carolyn & David Watts, 7 Turners Close; Olga & Anthony Critchley, 5 Spinneys Close; Celia & Roger Phelps, 2 Spinneys Close; Nicholas Brind, 1 Catharine Close; Barbara & Colin Bark, 46 St James Road; John & Ruth Walton, 40 St James Road; ; Angela & Michael Murdock, 34 St James Road; David & Julie Cusden, 8 Little Howe Close; Jacqueline & Russell Gore, 51 Lower Radley; Cyril and Mary Jennings, 12 Lower Radley; Margaret& William Bell, 20 Bigwood Park; Nigel & Julie Pugh, 58 Bigwood Park; Ivor & Jean Pugh, 12 Oak Avenue; Janet & Peter Kew, 20 Sycamore Crescent; Peter & Valerie Balfour, 42 Sugworth Lane; Lloyd & Rosalind Willcox,141 Sugworth Lane; Audrey Buckle & Ray Cox, 9 St James Road; Beverly Roger, 7 St James Road; Bob & Pat Earl, 1 St James Road; Peter & Margaret Heath, 11 Ferny Close; Richard & Linda Dales, 47 Selwyn Crescent; Helen & Paul Eccleston, 49 Selwyn Crescent; Helen & David Beckett, 51 Selwyn Crescent; Kathleen Fillingham, 26 Selwyn Crescent; Peter & Sheree Beckingham, 53 Selwyn Crescent.


Tuckwell Trophy:    Victor & Sylvia Bishop, 21 Pebble Hill

Runner Up:    Stephen & Susan East, 23 Bigwood Park 

Highly Commended:    Valerie & Brian Mott, 28 Ferny Close; Graham & Maureen Plested, 7 Little Howe Close; David & Evelyn England, 9 Turner Close; Caroline & Charles Choularton, 98 Kennington Road; Patricia Butler & Dennis Mace, 30 Lower Radley Caravan Park; Henry & Susan Crabb, 16 Church Road; Maureen Spiers, 23 St James Road; Derek & Maureen Cook, 57 Foxborough Road; Dorothy & John Payne, Woodside, Woodlands.

Commended:    Ray & Ros Clarke, Sycamore House, 1 Drysdale Close; Nicholas & Marilyn Kennedy, 5 Catharine Close; Jonathan & Gilliam Harpwood, 87 Foxborough Road; Donald Mattingley, 27 Stonhouse Crescent; Andrew Tolley & Katherine Lambert, The Bowyer Arms; Peter Gray, 39 St James Road; William Fitchett, 2 St James Road; Jonathan & May Bower, 1 St James Terrace; Christine Lane, 20 Ferny Close; Martin & Sylvia Wilson, 33 Lower Radley; Caroline & Graham Steinsberg, 104 Lower Radley; Jan & Paul Deacon, 23 Lower Radley; Thomas & Joan Beirne, 16 Lower Radley; David & Margaret Price, 8 Lower Radley, William & Jeanne Steptoe, 24 Lower Radley Caravan Park; Brenda Roberts, 15 Lower Radley Caravan Park; Keith & Jennifer Bentley, 12A Lower Radley Caravan Park; David Burrow & Maureen Holmes, 7 Lower Radley Caravan Park; Lynda Pasquire & Basil Crowley, 3 Shaw’s Copse; the Occupier, 28 Bigwood Park; John & Susan Hillsdon, 16A Bigwood Park; Eric & June German; 59A Bigwood Park; Ian & Barbara Douglas Gilbert, 4 Fir Tree Avenue; Ann Caddick, 29 Pebble Hill; Kirsteen Hill, 55 Pebble Hill; Antony & Rebecca Bowers, 121 Pebble Hill; Edwin & Penelope Chance, 9 Pebble Hill.


Parish Council Trophy:    Bernard Woodward, 6 Bluebell Ride, Woodlands
Runner up:        June & Norman Cox, 41 Pebble Hill 

Highly Commended:    Les & Nicky Jones, 57 Selwyn Crescent; Tim Woods, 50 Sugworth Lane; Susan Alexander, 100 Foxborough Road; Tony Day & Susan Morley, 7 Bluebell Ride; Gilbert Sollis & Bridget Wills, 57 Bigwood Park; Alex & Mary Brown, 4 Lower Radley Caravan Park.

Commended:    Ann & Brian Harvey, 49 Church Road; Stella Brooks, 13 New Road; Audrey Stocks, 9 Spinneys Close; Mary & Daniel Quigley, 8 Spinneys Close; Pamela & Alan Grant, 14 Church Road; Patricia & James Murden, 17 Selwyn Crescent; Margaret & Philip Evans, 15 New Road.


Altogether, 98 gardens were nominated for an award, the distribution of awards between the categories being as follows.
Best Garden
Best Tubs and Baskets
Most Colourful
Principal awards
Highly Commended






Judging in progress for the Radley Garden Competition,
3 July 2010.


Sponsored by………………………………..
  Robert Mattock’s Roses
  Ezra Attia
  J Curtis & Sons Ltd
  Berinsfield Community Services
  Ringrose Tree Services
  Peter L Mansbridge and Son
  Peachcroft Farm
  RWE npower
  The Bowyer Arms
Organised by………………………………..
Hospitality …………………………………… Lunch and teas provided by…

Jenny Standen, on behalf of Radley Parish Council,

assisted on the day by Marion Natham.


Barbara Bingley

David Bingley

Veronica Carslaw

David Hastings

Angela Hughes

Ann-Marie Lloyd

Michael Matthews

Barbara Mazey

Alison Peedell

Brian Peedell

Barry Stayte

Maureen Winkfield


Ann Blake

Eric Blanks

Sally Hemsworth

Bob Johnston

David Lloyd

Guy Rogers

Denis Standen



Basil Crowley

Lynda Pasquire

Photography by…………………………..
  Basil Crowley LRPS CPAGB
  Lynda Pasquire LRPS



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