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19th Radley Gardens Competition

Radley Garden Competition 27th June 2015

The Parish Council’s nineteenth annual Garden Competition was held on Saturday, 27th June 2015. 

BEST GARDENS:  Winner – 34 Sugworth Lane, Runner up – 46 St James Road

BEST TUBS/HANGING BASKETS: Winner – 108 Foxborough Road, Runner up –  57 Selwyn Crescent

MOST COLOURFUL FLOWER GARDEN: Winner – 9 Foxborough Road, Runner up – 8 Little Howe Close

The Council is most grateful to the judges, who this year came from Abingdon, Kennington and North Hinksey and also to the guides who shepherded the judges round the village.  Additional thanks go to Jenny Standen on behalf of the Parish Council assisted by Marion Nathan for providing an excellent lunch and tea for the judges and guides.  

The Council is grateful this year for the sponsorship of  H Tuckwell and Sons Ltd which enabled the competition to take place again this year. 

Full results:


Attia Trophy: 34 Sugworth Lane       

Runner up:      46 St James Road       

Highly Commended:   1 St James Road, 51 Foxborough Road, 19 Sugworth Crescent, Deane Cottage, 58 Bigwood, 42 Bigwood, 9 Pebble Hill, 44 St James Road,  2 New Road, 11 Lower Radley, 36 Pebble Hill, 48 St James Road, 3 Stonhouse Crescent, 16 Church Road, 2 Spinneys Close, 4 Spinneys Close, 23 Pebble Hill, 24 Pebble Hill, 95a Pebble Hill, 80 Pebble Hill, 42 Sugworth Lane

Commended:   17 Badgers Copse, 57 Foxborough Road, 11 Foxborough Road, Home Farm Thrupp Lane, 34 Stonhouse Crescent, Braeside, 148 Whites Lane, 102 Kennington Road, 1 Blossoms Glade, 33 Oak Avenue, 27 Sycamore Crescent, 10 Oak Avenue, 11 Sycamore Crescent        


Tuckwell Trophy:       108 Foxborough Road

Runner Up:                 57 Selwyn Crescent

Highly Commended:  19 New Road, 9 Turners Close, 41 Pebble Hill, 28 Bigwood, 7 Little Howe Close, 23 Lower Radley, 55 Pebble Hill, Sycamore House  1 Drysdale Close, 38 Sycamore Crescent, 123 Pebble Hill, 10 Gooseacre, 21 Pebble Hill

Commended:  40 Foxborough Road, 91 Church Road, 95 Church Road, Kennel Cottage Church Road, 13 New Road, 5 Bigwood, 16A Bigwood, Bakers Close 104 Lower Radley, Woodside Woodlands, 16 Sycamore Crescent, The Brackens Drysdale Close


Parish Council Trophy:          9 Foxborough Road                

Runner up:      8 Little Howe Close                           

Highly Commended:   6 Bluebell Ride, 17 Pebble Hill, 5 Catharine Close

Commended:   2 Badgers Copse, 14 Church Road, 3 Oak Avenue, 2 Blossoms Glade, 7 Willow Way           , 24 Sycamore Crescent, 20 Sycamore Crescent                               

The judging criteria was unchanged from previous years and the weather was kind, if not a little too hot for comfort.

71 gardens were awarded prizes, with fewer than normal in the Most Colourful Flower Garden category.  Judges commented that cold weather late in the year meant that plants weren’t as far on as usual on the day of the competition.


Judges:  Barbara Bingley, David Bingley, Mavis Bryan, Sue Blake, Angela Hughes, Anne-Marie Lloyd, Glenys Morris, Briony Newport, Barry Stayte, Beryl Stayte, Kay Whittle and Maureen Winkfield

Guides: Ed Blagrove, Eric Blanks, Bob Johnston, David Lloyd, Carol Milward, Denis Standen

Adjudicators: Phyl Howard & Jane Dymock



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