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20th Radley Gardens competition

Winner of the Attia Trophy for Best Garden: 51 Foxborough Road.   Runner Up: 44 St James Road. 

Winner of the Tuckwell Trophy for Best Tubs and/or Hanging Baskets: 57 Selwyn Crescent.  Runner Up: 7 Little Howe Close.  

Winner of the Parish Council Trophy for Most Colourful Flower Garden: 26 Big Wood Park.  Runner Up: 8 Little Howe Close. 

The Council is most grateful to everyone who helped on the day:

The Judges who came from Abingdon, Kennington, Cumnor and North Hinkey:  Barbara Bingley, David Bingley, Ann Dykes, Penny Guy, Glenys Morris, Briony Newport, Alison Peedell, Brian Peedell, Valerie Reynolds, Beryl Stayte, Barry Stayte, Kay Whittle

Guides:  Ed Blagrove, Sally Hemsworth, Bob Johnston, Carol Millward, Denis Standen,

Hospitality: Jenny Standen on behalf of Radley Parish Council, assisted by Marion Nathan and Lynda Crowley


Full results:


Winner of the Attia Trophy: 51 Foxborough Road

Runner up: 44 St James Road

Highly Commended: 137 Sugworth Lane, 23 Selwyn Crescent, 2 Selwyn Crescent, 28 Ferny Close, 2 St James Road, 27 Stonhouse Crescent, 9 Little Howe Close, 11 Lower Radley, 1 St James Road, 2 Big Wood Park, 34 Sugworth Lane, Woodside Woodlands, 6 Bluebell Ride, 1 Big Wood Park, 8 Turners Close, 5 Catharine Close, 3 Stonhouse Crescent.

Commended: Home Farm, Thrupp Lane, 53 Foxborough Road, 42 Big Wood Park, 35 Big Wood Park, Deane Cottage 58 Bigwood Park, 2 Shaws Copse, Spinneys Lower Radley, 19 Lower Radley, 34 Pebble Hill


Winner of the Tuckwell Trophy: 57 Selwyn Crescent

Runner up: 7 Little Howe Close

Highly Commended: 23 St James Road, 3 St James Road, 29 Lower Radley Caravan Park, 9 Big Wood Park, 108 Foxborough Road, 8 Big Wood Park, The Brackens, Drysdale Close, 9 Turners Close

Commended: 24 Pebble Hill, Sycamore House Drysdale Close, Heathfields 4 Drysdale Close, 30 Big Wood Park, 44 Big Wood Park, 23 Lower Radley


Winner of the Parish Council Trophy: 26 Big Wood Park

Runner Up: 8 Little Howe Close

Highly Commended: 11 Ferny Close, 40 St James Road, 9 Foxborough Road, 47 Selwyn Crescent, 40 Foxborough Road, 2 Badgers Copse

Commended:  10 Ferny Close

The Parish Council congratulates all prize winners.


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