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23rd Annual Radley Garden Competition

Prizewinners joined the Parish Council in the Gooseacre pavilion on Saturday 6th July for the annual Garden Competition presentations.

Carol Milward of 3 Stonhouse Crescent is pictured receiving the Parish Council trophy for Most Colourful Flower Garden from Parish Council chairman Lynda Crowley.  The Attia Trophy for Best Garden which was awarded to Jack and the late Mrs Shirley Griffin of 34 Sugworth Lane was collected by their daughter Beverley Munro. Marion and Roy Cox of 5 Bluebell Ride were winners of the Tuckwell Trophy for Best Tubs and Hanging Baskets. 

Judging took place on Saturday 22nd June when a team of judges from outside the village guided by councillors and other helpers visited each street to see front gardens which could be viewed from the public highway. Those which most closely matched set criteria in each category were shortlisted for a return visit in the afternoon and ranked numerically against the same category.  Scores were then input into a spreadsheet designed by the late Professor Basil Crowley and a winner for each category emerged.  The full list is below.

The Council is most grateful to the 10 judges, who came from Abingdon, Kennington and North Hinksey this year, the local guides who shepherded them around the village, and to Jenny Standen with Marion Nathan and Sally Hemsworth for providing hospitality throughout the day. 

Prizes and certificates were sponsored by Abingdon Marathon 


Winner of the Attia Trophy: 34 Sugworth Lane

Runner up: 51 Foxborough Road

Highly Commended: 1 St James Road, 35 Bigwood, 16 Church Road, 42 Bigwood, 3 Oak Avenue,

20 Sycamore Crescent

Commended: 15 Sugworth Crecent, 8 Blossoms Glade, 2 Bigwood, 9 Bigwood, 44 Bigwood, 55 Bigwood, 2 New Road, 10 Ferny Close, 47 Selwyn Crecent, 137 Sugworth Lane, 141 Sugworth Lane,

42 Sugworth Lane, 4 Pebble Hill, 24 Pebble Hill, 41 Pebble Hill,

123 Pebble Hill


Winner of the Tuckwell Trophy: 5 Bluebell Ride

Runner up: 28 Bigwood

Highly Commended: 29 Lower Radley, 7 Little Howe Close, 9 Turners Close, 5 Catharine Close, 55 Pebble Hill, 57 Foxborough Road, 2 Bluebell Ride, 113 Pebble Hill

Commended: 8 Bigwood, 9 Foxborough Road, 23 St James Road,

9 Oak Avenue, 15 Oak Avenue, 2 Willow Way, 4 Bluebell Ride, 1 Hazelnut Path, 49 Church Road, 14 Church Road, 23 Selwyn Crescent, 12 Ferny Close, 57 Selwyn Crescent, 10 Selwyn Crescent, 143 Sugworth Lane


Winner of the Parish Council Trophy: 3 Stonhouse Crescent

Runner Up: 58 Bigwood

Highly Commended: 8 Little Howe Close, 9 Little Howe Close, 4 Spinneys Close, 2 Blossoms Glade

Commended:  29 Lower Radley Caravan Park, 8 Spinneys Close

The Parish Council congratulates all prize winners.



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