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A34 Resurfacing Works to commence on 1st October

The Highways Agency will be undertaking a scheme to resurface both the north and southbound carriageways of the A34 between Kennington and Peartree, around Oxford. The work is required to ensure the carriageway remains in a safe and serviceable condition.

The scheme is scheduled to start on Monday 1 October 2012 and is expected to take approximately 12 weeks to complete. For the safety of the workforce and to keep overall disruption to a minimum, work will be carried out at night, when traffic flows are at their lowest. The current programme of work is as follows:




Traffic Management

Working Window

Monday 1 October to Friday 26 October

Kennington to Peartree (Northbound)

Convoy working

21:00 – 05:30 hours

(07:00 Sat & Sun)

Monday 29 October to Friday 16 November

Thursday 9 November to

Thursday 29 November (see update below)

Peartree to Botley (Southbound)

Closure of the southbound carriageway

22:00 – 05:00 hours

(06:00 Sat & Sun)

Monday 19 November to Monday 3 December

Botley to Kennington (Southbound)

Convoy working

21:00 – 05:30 hours

(07:00 Sat & Sun)

Tuesday 4 December to Friday 21 December

Kennington to Peartree (Both carriageways)

Convoy working

21:00 – 05:30 hours

(07:00 Sat & Sun)



Convoy Working

The majority of the work will be carried out using convoy traffic management which involves a lane closure and restricted speed limits of 40mph on the approach to the traffic management and 10mph past the work area.


Full Closures

Work on the southbound carriageway between Peartree and Botley will be undertaken using full overnight closures of the A34, as convoy working cannot be utilised along this section of the carriageway. Confirmed dates for these closures will be displayed on black/yellow signs along the A34 and on the Highways Agency website. During these closures, there will be a clearly signed diversion route in place via the Oxford Ring Road.


Wide/Abnormal Loads

During convoy working, a width restriction of 3.5 metres will be in place for all vehicles. Any vehicle wider than 3.5 metres will not be permitted to travel on the A34 overnight.


Access to/from Oxford during restricted periods
During work on the north and southbound carriageways, there will be a short period where the slip-roads at the Peartree, Botley and Hinksey Hill Interchanges and for South Hinksey village will be closed. During this period, depending on which carriageway you are travelling, you will need to continue to the next main junction, go around the roundabout and re-join the A34 carriageway to exit the required junction from the opposite direction.


e.g. A34 Botley Interchange southbound slip-road closure – You will need to travel to the Hinksey Hill Interchange and then re-join the northbound A34 carriageway to access the Botley Interchange from the northbound exit slip-road.
There will also be short overnight periods where the slip-roads at the North Hinksey, Westminster Way and Wytham village junctions will be restricted. Access to these areas will be via the nearest main Interchange (North Hinksey and Westminster Way will be accessible via the Botley Interchange, Wytham village will be accessible via the Peartree Interchange).
Update 31 October 2012

The overnight closures of the A34 southbound carriageway (between the Peartree and Botley Interchanges), have been rescheduled due to delays in resurfacing work on the northbound carriageway, as a result of recent adverse weather conditions.


The closures are now scheduled to take place from Thursday 9 November until Thursday 29 November (10pm to 5am, Monday to Friday). During the closures a clearly signed diversion route will be in place via the Oxford Ring Road.


The dates and timings of these works have been carefully programmed but may be altered or cancelled at short notice due to uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. poor weather conditions or emergency works). The Highways Agency apologises for any inconvenience caused by the change of dates for the closures.


Further Information and Updates

Should you require any further information regarding this scheme, please contact the Highways Agency Information Line on 0300 123 5000 or email them at ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk. Alternatively you can visit the scheme webpage at www.highways.gov.uk/a34oxford, where you can subscribe to receive automatic updates on the scheme.

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