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Small House Spider

Tegenaria domestica – male(19 August 2010) This spider, found indoors, was identified mainly on the basis of its size. At 7mm, it is distinctly smaller than a male T. gigantea=duellica. The spiders forelegs are in contact with another spider under the skirting board, and the spider was determined to maintain that contact, …

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Funnel-web Spider

Agelena labyrinthica – a funnel web spider(26 June 2005)   Agelena Labyrinthica web (26 June 2005)

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Giant House Spider

Tegenaria Gigantea (a cobweb spider) found in the kitchen sink. The body of this specimen measured 15mm, with the legs spanning 50mm.(6 June 2005) Tegenaria Gigantea. Closeup of the spider above.(6 June 2005)

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