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Childcare Survey

Are you a parent that could benefit from childcare?

Oxfordshire County Council is undertaking a countywide childcare assessment of the supply of, and demand for, childcare. The assessment will identify where there are gaps in the market and through the views of parents, providers, communities and employers, how to address and support childcare provision in Oxfordshire. 


The Childcare Act 2006 expands and clarifies in legislation the vital role the local authority will play in facilitating the childcare market across the county. From April 2008 the local authority has new statutory duties to secure sufficient childcare. The sufficiency assessment will help prepare for this new duty. In Oxfordshire, we already have a diverse childcare market that meets the needs of many parents. The local authority will work with private and voluntary providers of childcare, including childminders to ensure that all parents have choice and flexibility in balancing family and work life.


We have quite a lot of information about existing provision but we do not know much about unmet demand – for example, information about the barriers that prevent some parents from being able to access childcare or where there is insufficient childcare to meet demand. Oxfordshire County Council has awarded the contract for this market assessment to Cordis Bright, an experienced consultancy company, who have undertaken sufficiency assessments in other authorities. Cordis Bright will work alongside county council staff to create and distribute questionnaires to a random sample of parents and to all childcare providers. They will also undertake focus groups and community surveys in order to hear the voices of all members of the community. We will compare our finding on demand and supply of childcare. A draft report of the findings and recommendations will be available for public comment in January 2008.

Click here to view the questionnaire or go to www.oxoncis.org.uk

For more information email: childcare.survey@oxfordshire.gov.uk or phone 01865 815630.

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