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Damage to cars parked on Foxborough Road

Radley Station commuters are risking serious damage to their cars by parking on Foxborough Road.

Over the last two months there have been six incidents of criminal damage to vehicles parked on Foxborough Road, between the Station and the bridge to Lower Radley. Damage has ranged from removal of windscreen wipers, spray paint, and smashed wing mirrors, to an extreme example of all the doors of a car being taped up.

The damage usually occurs during daylight and most targeted vehicles belong to commuters using the station, but other victims have included a carer working in the area and someone visiting a family member.

The police have increased patrols of the area, but the advice to any commuter is to avoid damage to their vehicle by paying to park in the Radley Station car park

If you have any information relating to the criminal damage of vehicles, please call the police on 101. If you see anyone interfering with a car please call 999 immediately.

Damage to other people’s property is criminal and should not be tolerated in our community.

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