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Fibre Broadband for Radley delayed

 Oxfordshire County Council report that superfast Broadband will be coming to Radley parish in the first half of 2018: 

“The superfast broadband infrastructure upgrade scheduled for your location has moved from being expected to complete this December, to the first half of next year.  We understand this is likely to be very disappointing, and we wish to reassure that all effort is being made to have this work completed as soon as possible. For context, the programme has achieved it’s 95% coverage target on time, but as part of a major infrastructure project which has delivered over 73,000 premises with access to superfast broadband, there are some instances where mostly engineering related challenges have not been overcome in time for completion by December.  These instances are normally related to gaining access wayleaves, high cost structures needing re-planning, collapsed ducts requiring new track (with commensurate traffic management notice periods), or in some cases a technology change where we are not confident the proposed new technologies such as Fibre to the Remote Node, will be properly deployed.

If you would like to have further specific information in respect of your location, please see our website map http://www.betterbroadbandoxfordshire.org.uk/cms/content/postcode-checker-map or contact us and we will provide you with all the information we have, and if necessary we can arrange a call in the new year to discuss this with you.

We are sorry Christmas will not be bringing access to fibre broadband but wish you compliments of the season.

With Regards

Craig Bower| Programme Director| Programme Management Office (PMO)|Resources Directorate|”

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