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Highlights of Meetings in 2004

December 2004

  • Precept 2005/2006: The Parish Council agreed to a precept of £42,000. This was the same level of precept as for 2004/2005.
  • Donations: The Parish Council agreed to make the following donations: 
    i. Abingdon and District CAB: £200 
    ii. Radley PCC – Radley News: £110 
    iii. Christmas Hamper: £50 
    iv. Oxfordshire Association for the Blind: £60 
    v. South and Vale Carers Centre: £100
  • Access to Radley Railway Station: A meeting had taken place with Mr Mike Crane, First Great Western, to discuss the difficulties of access to the south-bound platform. Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, which came into force on 1 October 2004, train operators have a responsibility to make reasonable adjustments to their services such that disabled people are not unfairly discriminated against. The Parish Council has raised the possibility of an access from Lower Radley Road. This is being looked into. Mr Crane did inform Councillors that anyone with a recognised disability (including, but not necessarily restricted to, registered disabled) and who has special needs while travelling by rail should ring 0845 330 3728 between 0900 and 1700 Monday to Friday (local call rate applies), preferably at least 24 hours before making a journey. In particular, travellers who are unable to embark on or disembark from a train using the south-bound platform at Radley Station (because they cannot use the footbridge) can request a taxi to take them to or from the ‘nearest’ station with suitable access facilities (Oxford or Didcot). This service will be provided at no extra cost provided an advance booking is made for the railway journey.
  • Footpaths: An initiative called Lost Ways allows the reinstatement of lost footpaths. An old map of the area is available, and the Parish Council is going to ascertain whether an application can be made for the reinstatement of any paths.

November 2004

  • Police matters: PC Jeff Wheble attended the Parish Council meeting and reported on the crimes which had taken place in the last month. There was also discussion on other matters such as vandalism at the sports pavilion, children playing at the railway station, and drug dealing within the Parish. Councillors agreed that there should be a Councillor presence at the police surgeries held by PC Wheble.
  • Precept 2005/2006: Preliminary discussions took place on the budget for 2005/2006 so that a precept could be decided at the December meeting.
  • Village website: The Parish Website had been launched, and thanks were given to Councillors Wilson and Crowley and Mr and Mrs John Huddleston. It was appreciated that ongoing work was required to keep the site active.
  • Oxfordshire Blue Plaques: The Vale of the White Horse District Council had asked for information on famous people who had lived in the Parish. The Radley History Club has been asked to advise.

October 2004

  • Sports Pavilion: The extensive repair work had been completed.
  • Lower Radley Conservation Area: The Parish Council had been pressing for this for some years, but recent discussions with representatives from the Vale of White Horse District Council indicated that there was no possibility of new areas being designated in the foreseeable future.
  • Planning applications: The Parish Council introduced a new method of looking at planning applications in that a group of five councillors would initially look at an application. Their views would be circulated to all the other Councillors for comment/agreement before comments were made to the District Council.

September 2004

  • Transport mitigation measures for villages surrounding Abingdon: Councillors agreed to meet representatives from a firm representing the Oxfordshire County Council to discuss matters of concern in relation to traffic and access by cyclists, pedestrians and disabled people, between Radley and Abingdon.
  • Police matters: PC Jeff Wheble attended the Parish Council meeting. There was a discussion on recent crimes in the Parish: a person known to the police calling at houses asking for money for charity; the security measures needed at the sports pavilion; concerns about the lack of police attendance when incidents were reported; and the continuing nuisance from motor cyclists on the field behind Stonhouse Crescent.
  • Footway – Sugworth Lane: It was noted that a resident from Bigwood had fallen and hurt herself along a section of this footway. The poor condition of this footpath is being followed up with Oxfordshire County Council.
  • Condition of Footways: The Parish Council was pressing for improvements to Sugworth Lane, Sugworth Crescent, Stonhouse Crescent, Foxborough Road and the bottom of Church Road.

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