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Highlights of Meetings in 2011

December 2011

Council tax : Through the parish precept, your council tax pays for maintenance of the playing field and pavilion, the play area, Lower Radley green, the pond, car park and copse in Church Road, trees on council land as well as litter collection around the village. The Parish Council spends November and December giving careful consideration to its budget for the next year starting in April, and this year the Council has again agreed that the amount paid by households should be held at the same level.

Highways: Councillors attended a site meeting with the local highways representative and pointed out areas of concern in the village. Many potholes have been marked up for repair and you should see them fixed soon. The Parish Council continues to press for action on problems with the pavement in Church Road and drainage in Kennington Road.

Parish Plan : The Parish Council has adopted the Parish Plan as a basis for Council policy and thanks the steering committee and everyone involved for their hard work in producing this document.

November 2011 

Road safety: The Parish Council has been told that parked cars on Church Road at school times often compromise the safety of children travelling to and from school. The Parish Council endorses the school’s concerns and asks drivers to consider the possible risks from cars parked on the white lines and zig-zags. The Parish Council is working with Oxfordshire Highways on road and pavement issues which it was felt discourage parents from walking their children to school.

Speeding traffic: So many vehicles were found to be speeding during a recent police operation on Kennington Road near Radley College that this will become a regular location for speed monitoring.

Parking at Radley Station : First Great Western has funding to extend the station car park by 30 spaces. It is hoped that this will alleviate the problem of cars which park on village streets.

Bus Passes

Oxfordshire County Council have increased the time frame for validity of bus-passes to midnight instead of 11pm.

Parish Council meetings: The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 14 th December at 7.30pm in the Church Room. Members of the public are very welcome to observe meetings and the first ten minutes of each meeting are available for the public to express a view or ask questions on relevant matters on the agenda. If you wish to speak, please notify the clerk in advance.

October 2011

Parliamentary Constituency review: The Boundary Commission is inviting responses to its review of the boundaries of Parliamentary Constituencies in England. The Parish Council has submitted an objection to its suggestion that Radley should join South Oxfordshire parishes in the Henley Constituency. Please express your views: details can be found online at http://consultation.boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk. The closing date for comments is 4 December 2011.

Consultations: The Parish Council has also replied recently to consultations on the future of the Oxfordshire library service, the registration of new town and village greens, and Oxfordshire County Council’s Minerals Plan Consultation 2011.

Police advice: The Parish Council has been told that here have been a number of burglaries in the area recently. There have been some arrests. Residents are advised that many were entries through unsecured back doors and care should be taken to lock doors and windows.

Street light & highways faults: The Parish Council continues to report any faults that are reported. It can help if there is more than one report, so please also inform Oxfordshire Highways online at highwayenquiries@oxfordshire.gov.uk or by phone 0845 3101111. Please give particular difficulties that the fault causes.

Twinning : I requested expressions of interest in twinning with a village in western France in previous editions of the Radley News. Thank you to the few people who replied, but the Parish Council has concluded that there is not enough enthusiasm to proceed and has regretfully declined the invitation to twin.

September 2011 

Twinning: Please contact the clerk if you think the village should twin with the village of Mougon in the west of France and would be interested in being involved.

Playing Field: Please contact the clerk for bookings.

Overhanging branches : The Parish Council has had a few reports where pavements are narrowed by bushes encroaching on the pavement. Please be aware that many of the village pavements are quite narrow and keep them as clear as possible for pedestrians and buggies.

Parish Council Meetings : The next council meeting will be on Thursday 22nd September at 7.30pm in the Church Room. Members of the public are very welcome to observe meetings and the first ten minutes are available for the public to express a view or ask questions on relevant matters on the agenda. If you wish to speak, please notify the Clerk in advance.

Parish Website: Please visit the Parish website for details of future events, the minutes and agenda of Parish Council meetings and photographs of the new council.

There was no Parish Council meeting in August.

July 2011

Radley Wetland Centre : Alexis Pym told the meeting that Earth Trust was aware that there has been unauthorised fishing on the Lake and that they thought a small number of licenced fishermen would be preferable. The Wetland Centre application had stalled because of Highways objections and she presented revised entrance layouts which were to be submitted.

Thrupp Lane : The Council was aware that the temporary planning approvals for the businesses on J. Curtis site were due to expire at the end of August 2011.

Highway problems in Kennington Road : Highways had jetted the gullies between the entrance to Woodlands and Sugworth Lane and had agreed to investigate further. They would also clear back the grass which is growing over the pavement.

Nuisance motorbikes, Thrupp Lane: Landowners had replied positively to the Council’s request that they put up ‘no motorbikes’ signs. Sustrans would be asked for its support.

Request for a crossing, Kennington Road: OCC had stated that they would not consider a crossing in this location. They would be asked (a) to identify those sites that are more dangerous than this (b) request a traffic survey, (c) request the five-year accident study on the stretch from Sandford Lane to Sugworth Lane and (d) what measures they would propose to improve pedestrian safety.

Playing Field : The Parish Council agreed to seek to charge more economic fees with a view to recovering a higher proportion of the costs associated with running the pavilion and approved revised terms and conditions.

Garden Competition : It was another successful year, with some lovely gardens, despite the dry spring. Photographs of all the winning gardens had been put on the website.

Library Service Consultation : The Council noted that community shops often thrive but require a large pool of volunteers and volunteer librarians would have to be highly trained. In their view the plan was not sustainable in the long term.

Meetings: Councillors were to attend a Radley Liaison group site meeting on Saturday 25 July. 

June 2011

Thrupp Lane signs: The Council was dismayed at the condition of the sign and the impression it gives of this entrance to the village and will write to the businesses.

Nuisance motorbikes: PCSO Wright reported that there has been an increase in off-road bike issues in the area and the police are being very robust in tackling the problem. He asked if it would be possible for signage to be erected saying ‘private land’ and ‘no-off-road biking in this area. The clerk was asked to write to the landowners concerned.

Police activity at the station : Cars parked in the emergency bays had been removed and one car without a tax disc had been reported to the DVLA.

Metal thefts : It was reported that there have been a number of thefts of metal items from the mobile home parks, even from the rear of properties. PCSO Wright reported that a police operation is in place and vehicles carrying scrap metal will be stopped and searched.

Thefts from sheds and work vans: The police are able to offer advice on securing equipment and bicycles can be micro-chipped.

Overhanging trees : The Clerk was asked to report trees overhanging the pavement in the following locations. The clerk was asked to instruct the Council’s contractors to cut back the Play Area willows which were encroaching on the pavement again.

Radley Garden Competition: The fifteenth annual Garden Competition is due to be held on Saturday 2 July and the clerk gave a brief update. Mr Michael Matthews had kindly agreed to give a brief talk at the presentation. The clerk would approach the new nursery at Lodge Hill for sponsorship.

Twinning: The clerk reported that other places set up a committee to manage twinning and although grants are available, the committee would fund-raise to cover costs. She recommended that the Council’s next step should be to determine whether there is interest in the village in becoming involved. Councillors voiced some reservations about twinning but it was agreed that the clerk should place an advert in Radley News asking for expressions of interest

May 2011

A new council: The new council is: Basil Crowley, Eric Davies, Chris Henderson, Phyl Howard, Bob Johnston, Lynda Pasquire, John Platts, Denis Standen, Jenny Standen and Kayla Tomlinson. The final post will be filled by co-option. The new council thanked outgoing councillors Joan Dutton, Guy Rogers, Ian Yorston and Derek Nutt for all their commitment and hard work in the last four years. The Council voted Mrs Standen Chairman for the next year and Dr Basil Crowley was elected Vice-Chairman. Membership of the various committees was also agreed.

Thrupp Lane residents’ proposal: The Area Steward had written to explain that the parish may apply for a grant equating to 5 cuts per year and enter into an agency agreement with Oxfordshire County Council to undertake works on their behalf. Small plants would be permissible in the verge but a licence would be required for shrubs or trees.

Radley Wetlands Centre : The Council noted that the Earth Trust’s planning application would go to the Vale Planning Committee and that Highways have raised objections.

Kennington Road: Cr Henderson reported that a large puddle collects in the road close to the bus stop at Woodlands and people are often drenched by passing traffic. The clerk was instructed to report this to Highways and ask them to consider how the road drainage can be altered to prevent it happening.

County Council matters: Councillor Fatemian reported that Cr Lorraine Lindsay-Gale had become Cabinet Member for Growth and Infrastructure. Cr Michael Wain has retired and his post as Cabinet Member for Schools Improvement has been taken by Cr Melinda Tilley. 

April 2011

Motocyclists on private land : The clerk had written to landowners asking them to confirm that they have not given permission for motorcyclists to use their land.

Overnight lorry activity in Thrupp Lane : The clerk had established that lorries had been from Tarmac’s site supplying concrete to overnight working at Redbridge. She had written letters of complaint to Tarmac, Network Rail and their contractor. Tarmac’s Managing Director had responded as had the District Manager. They had asked what steps could be taken to minimise disturbance to residents and offered to organise a site meeting with Thrupp Lane residents which the Parish Council would also attend.

Thrupp Lane : Residents brought the Council a proposal for improving the appearance of the approach to the village from the south end and requested Parish Council support to help them to take over responsibility for verge and hedge cutting.

Nuisance motorbikes in Thrupp Lane: Landowners had assured the Council that they have not given permission for motorcyclists to use their land. The clerk was asked to forward their letters and a memo of phone conversations to the police.

Highways : The re-opening of Redbridge had been delayed but it was hoped that once fully open, traffic problems through Kennington will be alleviated.

March 2011

Motorcycles on the Byway Open to All Traffic (continuation of Barton Lane): Councillors were that problems with motorcyclists should be reported to the police.

Speed check on Kennington Road: After the recent accident, it had been requested that the police carry out speed checks on Saturday mornings.

Motorcyclist in Thrupp Lane : It was reported that there had been complaints at the Earth Trust AGM about disturbance being caused by motorbikes in Thrupp Lane and on surrounding land.

Thrupp Lane: Overnight lorry activity had been reported to Environmental Health and the Council agreed to endorse their complaint.

Radley Parish Plan: There had been a response to the questionnaire of just over 50% and the Steering committee had been encouraged by this number and by how completely they were filled in. The Parish Council thanked the steering committee for all their hard work and looked forward to hearing the results.

Boundary Commission for County ward boundaries : It was agreed that the Council would propose a ward comprising Radley, Kennington, South Hinksey, Sunningwell and Wootton. This would maintain a homogenous type of community.

Bird scarers: Resident in various parts of the village had complained about nuisance from bird scarers. Advice from Environmental Health was that farmers are encouraged to comply with Defra guidelines regarding location and hours of operation.

February 2011

Councillor resignation : It was with great regret that the Council heard that Cr Nutt had tendered his resignation. It was recorded that he has been a very important link to the football club and a vote of thanks was raised for all his hard work in many capacities on behalf of the parish and the Council.

Trees in Gooseacre : The willows had been cut back so they are clear of the pavement.

Minerals and Waste Strategy : The Cabinet meeting held on 16th February accepted the officers’ recommendation that the sites in Nuneham Courtenay and Radley should be removed from the list of site options going into the strategy, with Cholsey being brought in in their place. The reduction in the annual extraction targets was also approved

Oxfordshire County Council Partnership Working Unit : Councillors Pasquire and Crowley had attended this meeting. They reported that the purpose of the meeting was a consultation to determine what the parishes consider that OCC should be doing under the Big Society.

Motorbikes in Thrupp Lane : Although PC Gardener had no reports this month; councillors had observed some motorbikes. People are asked to contact the police with details of any seen there.

Theft of metals : Rolls of copper wire had been stolen from beside the railway tracks. PC Gardener reported that there have been a number of metal thefts, particularly of lead. She asked people to report any suspicious behaviour.

Parking : A parking operation was being carried out outside Kennington Co-op.

Twinning: Councillors discussed potential benefits to other organisations in the parish as well as costs and ongoing liabilities. It was noted that funding might be available. It was agreed that while the Council was generally supportive of the idea, a decision should be deferred for the next Council.

January 2011

Potholes: Repairs are being carried out but some of the longstanding ones are still outstanding and the clerk would keep pursuing them with Highways.

Neighbourhood Action Group : The main preoccupation of the last meeting had been thefts of copper, lead and street furniture. Oxfordshire County Council’s Trading Standards team is warning people about conmen who are cold calling residents and claiming that their computers are infected with viruses which they can fix. Trading Standards are making enquiries about a company driveway and landscaping called Homepride Landscapes.

Street Lighting : Various faults had been reported.

Village Cleaner : Councillors commented that the Village Cleaner does a very good job in keeping the village litter free.

Radley Village Shop : The Parish Council agreed to make a donation of £900 to Radley Village Shop towards its loan arrangement fees.

Parish Plan: The questionnaire has been simplified and should now take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Police matters : PCSO Adi Wright will have an office in Kennington Youth Club. It is hoped that he this will help him to interact in a positive way with the young people. He will also have the facility to store his bike so should be more accessible to Radley.

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