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Highlights of Meetings in 2012

December 2012


Traffic Officer had undertaken to carry out a monitoring visit in January regarding the weight of traffic on Thrupp Lane.


Neighbours to No 1 Foxborough Road had complained about overdevelopment.  There were no grounds for objection by the Parish Council as the development did not breach any planning rules.

The Parish Council raised no objections to an extensiond at 1A Catharine Close and 23 Church Road, and could see no reason to object to proposals to develop land between 31and 37 St James Road Radley.

Mineral Extraction

The Review of Old Mineral Permissions which had resulted in a prohibition order for land owned by J Curtis and Sons was also to be reviewed by the Vale of Whjite Horse District Council Planning Department.  The businesses using the site would have to reapply for planning permission.

Noise Nuisance

Complaints had been received about the noise nuisance at Culham Motocross.  The Vale of White Horse District Council had sent out a Monitoring Officer who had reported a level of 55 decibels in Lower Radley.  This was considerably lower than experienced at a previous race meeting.  Residents were urged to make a report via the Vale of White Horse District Council Environmental Health Department.  This could be done via the Vale Website as well as by telephone.


The work carried out on the Budget had been delayed because the Vale had not confirmed the amount of support to be granted to Parish Councils, from received from the Government.  The Parish Council resolved to adopt the budget it had prepared.

November 2012


John Orchard had provided a comprehensive report of the footpaths in the Parish.  The Parish Council thanked Mr Orchard for this extremely valuable report.

Boundary Commission

It has been proposed that Radley will be part of a three member ward, including Sunningwell and Kennington.  The Parish Council felt that a two member ward was more appropriate.  In addition there is a proposal that Radley should be included in the electoral ward of Henley as regards representation in Parliament.  Representations to the Boundaries Commission had been made regarding this.


The Parish Council agreed to make donations as follows:

Radley Brownies – £200 subject to conditions.

Abingdon Street Pastors £50

Radley News – £250 subject to conditions

Open Spaces – £70 to include annual subscription.

October 2012


Councillors had conducted the litterpick prior to the 10K Run and had cleared a vast amount of rubbish.

Complaint would be made to Oxfordshire County Council about the standard of verge cutting and cut vegetation left on the verges by contractors.

The pavement in Church Road had successfully being upgraded to accommodate a mature tree in the hedgerow.

Rail Parking – it was reported that Network Rail would be extending the car park at the Station to allow for further parking.  The work was likely to be undertaken early in 2013.


Oxfordshire County Council were obliged to issue a prohibition order to J Curtis and Sons Ltd in respect of their operations at Thrupp Lane which were dependent upon an old planning permission which required an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  The EIA had been received at a very late stage, close to the deadline which had already been extended, and was determined by Oxfordshire County Council as not meeting the criteria.  Due Notice of Prohibition would be issued.

Police Matters

A car had been stolen from Whites Lane and a motorbike from Woodlands Park. 


September 2012


There would be a road closure in Kennington for one week from 29th October.

There would be a road closure in Radley for a morning on the 21st October and it was agreed that Councillors would conduct a “litterpick” to tidy up this part of the village whilst there was no traffic.


a) Two Storey rear extension and provision of pitched roof to garage at 6 Little Howe Close.

The Council had no objection to this application.

b) Tree Removals at 24 and 44 Bigwood Park.

The Council objected to the removal of the tree at 44 Bigwood Park and asked for appropriate expert advice to be sought as to whether the removal at 24 Bigwood Park was necessary.

c) The Bowyer Arms Totem Pole Sign.  The applicant had withdrawn this application.

d) Review of old Mineral Permissions.  An advertisement had been placed by J Curtis and Sons Ltd. regarding the application to continue an old mineral permission at Thrupp Lane which involved mineral extraction at Nyetts Field.  Information which was vital to the application was not available from Oxfordshire County Council.  The Vice Chairman and Clerk would make initial representations to Oxfordshire County Council on the limited information available to date, especially with the closing date for comments being 18th October 2012.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Council agreed to review the situation again in six months.


The Council had received notification that the tax base could decrease which would affect the precept.  The Council will set a budget in November but final approval will be delayed until January 2013.


RWE NPower were closing Didcot A Power Station at the end of March 2013 and staff would be dispersed.  They hoped to conclude the restoration plans with Oxfordshire County Council by this date, for the work to be carried out during 2013/14.

Police Matters

Further burglaries had occurred in Radley. The Public would be urged to secure their homes and report suspicious activity to the Police.

August 2012

There was to have been no meeting in August, but planning applications received meant that Councillors were required to attend to debate these in the consultation period.

a)  No. 1 Shaws Copse, Radley.  Application for a single storey extension and separate garage.  The Council saw no reason to object to this application.

b)  The Bowyer Arms.  Application for improved access, new signage and illuminated totem pole.

The Council had no objections to the improvements but felt the illuminated signage was out of keeping with the village environment.

c)   The Bowyer Arms – Licence Variation.  There was no objection to this application.


July 2012


Residents had complained that people using the railway station were parking their cars in St James Terrace/Road and in other places which were dangerous or inappropriate.  The Police had been notified regarding dangerous parking and action would be taken by them.  However, there were no parking restrictions, apart from those stipulated in the Highway Code, in Radley and the Council was not able to take action in these events. 


Network Rail are proposing to raise the height of the parapet on the Railway Bridge to Lower Radley.  This was being undertaken as part of the electrification project.

Neighbourhood Plan

Cllrs Crowley, Standen and Pasquire had attended a workshop on 16th July where the options for producing a Neighbourhood Plan were laid out. 

A Neighbourhood Plan would give the Parish some degree of protection regarding development and would have to be considered by the local authority when granting permission to Developers.  However, whilst the Council was interested in the process, the costs involved would be considerable.  The main drawback was the time required to be devoted to its production by Councillors.  Councillors felt they had already contributed more than sufficient spare time to the Village Plan and were disinclined to take further action.


The Council decided it would not proceed with the lease for additional land for allotments.  A review of existing allotment holders had realised one free plot which had gone to the next person on the list.

Police Matters

Cllr Howard is undertaking a survey with the Vale of White Horse Council concerning the creation of a “No Cold Calling Zone”. 

Fly Tipping

There had been instances of fly tipping in Thrupp Lane.  The Environmental Warden had been informed for appropriate action to be taken.

June 2012


It was reported by a member of the public that grass verges in St James’ Road could not be cut because of parked cars over the Jubilee weekend.  Highways to be contacted by the Clerk to express dissatisfaction with the way the grass cutting had been carried out.



It was reported that the Garage at Lodge Hill had been granted a Certificate of Lawful Use and Development (CLEUD) to use land adjacent to its premises for display purposes.  The Parish Council was disappointed with the approval as it was based on affidavits which supported the applicant proving his case but there seemed to be no evidence to disprove the claim.

Radley College Kennington Road Radley Abingdon Oxon OX14 2HR have been granted approval for change of use of field to sports pitches.

The Old School House 80 Church Road Radley has been granted approval for the Erection of a wooden prefabricated garden shed/summer house/office.

No 5 Lower Radley has been granted a Certificate of Lawful development for a rear extension.

Bakers Close 104 Lower Radley – The Vale had finally granted approval for the proposed repairs and reinstatement of fire damaged cottage, creation of roofspace accommodation and installation of solar panels to new roof slope after the application was resubmitted.

Tuckwells had removed their old plant and equipment.  They had withdrawn their CLEUD Application and had agreed storage arrangements with Oxfordshire County Council Planning Department.

Code of Conduct

A new code of conduct was presented and accepted which clarified issues relating to personal, prejudicial and pecuniary interests which could affect Councillors taking part in debate on issues to which might be connected.

Police Matters:

There had been an increase in burglaries in the Parish and thefts from rooms at Radley College.

Speed checks had been carried out and it was likely that there would be more, particularly on week-ends.


May 2012

Committee Appointments:

As this was the first meeting of the new year for the Parish Council, Councillors were appointed to the various Committees.   There are seven committees dealing with a range of responsibilities.  In addition, Parish Councillors act as representatives on other committees/organisations.  Full details can be found in the minutes for May


Ian Hudspeth (Leader of Oxfordshire County Council) had visited Thrupp Lane to see the extent of the traffic problems which were causing the residents grave concerns in terms of safety on the road to other users.  Residents reported increased traffic from Companies outside the Oxfordshire Area;  some were from Derbyshire and the West Midlands.

Police Matters:

There had been incidences of fly-tipping in the Village;  the Football Club had prevented someone offloading rubbish in the gate to their field, but unfortunately the offender went further down Thrupp Lane and deposited his load there.  Please take note of vehicle registration numbers if you see an offence being committed and call the Police to report a crime in process.

Concerns about inappropriate parking in the village because the Station Car Park was full were raised with PC Adi Wright.  Spot checks will be carried out and offenders will be subject to police action.


The Council registered no objection to plans by Radley College to replace single glazing with double glazing in F Social building.

Radley College had also applied for change of use for one of the sports fields and the Council registered no strong views on this application, except to ensure that appropriate planting was allowed for and a management plan was submitted prior to permission being granted.

The Council voted to refuse planning permission to an application for a roof extension at 1 Foxborough Road, on the grounds that it was overdevelopment and would result in loss of light to No 4 White’s Lane.

The Council supported the application for change of use for the Warden’s bungalow at Pebble Hill Mobile Home Park.


Councillors Henderson, Howard, Johnston and Platts attended a meeting with Vale of White Horse District Council to discuss a programme to deal with trees which needed remedial work in terms of safety.  Residents had expressed concerns that trees which had been planned to be cut back had disappeared from the list of work to be done.

Approval was given to residents of Lower Radley to plant a tree in commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee.

April 2012

Highways: 30mph Repeater Signs in Thrupp Lane were obscured by vegetation.  Oxfordshire County Council would be asked to deal with this problem and to consider extending the 30mph limit along the extent of Thrupp Lane.

Waiting restrictions at the Bus Stop opposite the School were proposed.  Oxfordshire County Council will be reviewing the implementation.

Police Matters: No Cold Calling Zones were promoted by the Police as a way in which communities could control who came to their doors.  Residents participating in such a scheme had found a greater degree of security in the knowledge that Cold Calling was not permitted and the Police could be called if necessary.  A questionnaire was agreed, to be sent out to residents asking if they wished to participate.

Planning: Residents were concerned about commercial traffic at Sugworth Lane.  The Vale of White Horse would be asked what progress had been made about monitoring this ongoing complaint.  No objections were raised to demolition of a garage and workshop and erection of an extension at 6 Catharine Close.  Tuckwells have received planning permission for their application to process gravel from J Curtis and Sons Ltd. Site.  They have withdrawn their CLEUD and have agreed to remove aged plant by mid July 2012.

Allotments:  The Parish Council have been considering creating a further area for allotments in Lower Radley.  No decision has yet been made in this respect as the costs involved are very high.  There had been complaints about the state of existing allotments in Church Road and residents were concerned that another area of the village would be turned into a scruffy rubbish dump.  The Parish Council have asked existing allotment holders to tidy up their plot surrounds by mid-June and remove what appears to be redundant materials.

March 2012

Highways:  Residents in Lower Radley were concerned about speeding traffic and requested a 20mph speed limit.  Requests had been made previously to Oxfordshire County Council for 20mph limits in various villages and they were not minded to increase the number of these zones for the time being.   The Parish Council had already requested 30mph repeater signs and felt that as the majority of road users were residents who had agreed between themselves to keep their speed to 20mph, no further action was needed.  The road was on the list for the Speed Awareness Camera when it became available for use in Radley.

Radley College were taking steps to ensure their own staff who used the road curtailed their speed and the Parish Council agreed to support the installation of “symbolic gates” between 33 and 35 Lower Radley and the stream which would draw attention to the village environment.

Footpath 8 would be resurfaced with the work being carried out at the end of May 2012.

Planning: No objections were raised to a loft conversion at 19 Foxborough Road. 

Permission had been granted by the Vale of White Horse to 18 Sugworth Lane for a timber outbuilding but conditions concerning its use had been stipulated.  Residents of Sugworth Lane had complained about increased traffic and concerns about commercial use of a residential site.

Police Matters:  There had been a burglary at Lower Radley on the 19th March and the offenders had been caught.

Website Working Party:  John and Joyce Huddleston had resigned from the Parish Website Working Party.  Their support since the inception of the project was very much appreciated and their resignation would be a great loss to the Parish Council.  There were now only two people with access to the site, both Parish Councillors, and both with extremely large workloads.  Additional help would be sought by advertising in the Radley News.

February 2012

Highways:  30mph Repeater Signs requested for Lower Radley.  Currently there are none and some drivers are not aware that this part of the Village has a 30mph limit.

The pavement at Church Road, by the cemetry, is to be repaired.

Football Club:  Complaints had been received about the amount of litter which was left on the playing field after use by the Football Club.  The Club would be asked to clear up after their use of the field.

Planning: No objections were raised to applications for alterations to the porch at the school and a proposed infilling in the space between 31 and 37 Church Road.

January 2012

Jubilee Celebrations: 18 Organisations have expressed an interest in participating in H.M. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party Celebrations.  A budget of £2000 was set aside to cover the project.

Speed Awareness:  Parish Council agreed to support a plan for a Speed Awareness Camera to be located at intervals in the Parish, shared with other Parishes in our District, and funded by the Area Stewardship fund.

Parking:  Police have been requested to check on inappropriately parked vehicles causing hazards in the village.  Parking on pavements is presenting problems to residents with wheelchairs/pushchairs.

Highways:  Drainage gulleys at Kennington have been cleared and a new drain installed.  It is hoped that this work will prevent pooling of water which had been causing problems for pedestrians and road-users.

Planning: A planning application had been made to Oxfordshire County Council by Tuckwells to process gravel which was proposed to be extracted under an existing old permission granted to J Curtis and Sons Ltd.  The orginal permission is subject to review under Government Legislation.  Tuckwells were planning to withdraw their CLEUD (Certificate of Lawful Use and Development) if their application to process the gravel was successful.

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