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Irresponsible and Illegal Activities Threaten Wildlife at the Radley Lakes

Many people have been dismayed by recent incidents at the Radley Lakes involving repeated occurrences of jet-skiing on Thrupp Lake that has resulted in many birds being frightened off the lake.

On several occasions, during recent weekends, jet-skiers have been observed on Thrupp Lake . Both RWE npower, who own the lake, and Northmoor Trust, who are shortly to take over its management, have deplored this activity and claim that it was the result of unlawful trespass onto the Sandles site, which is how the perpetrators gained access to the water.

A spokesman for RWE npower said

“This activity has not been done with the permission or the knowledge of either ourselves or the Northmoor Trust. It is certainly not consistent with our vision of creating a community wildlife area centred on Thrupp Lake .”

He went on to say that the jet ski incidents involved unlawful forced entry onto their property and that steps have now been taken to prevent further recurrences.


In the meantime, anyone who witnesses jet-sking, or any watersport, on Thrupp Lake , should be aware that it is unlawful activity taking place without the knowledge or permission of the lake’s owners. They should therefore note any details and promptly report them to RWE npower at Didcot A Power Station on 01235 512291.

The Parish Council has also deplored the jet skiing activity and is most disappointed that, after having worked so hard and invested so much in order to preserve this beautiful area and its wildlife, people should abuse it in such a way.


Illegal trail biking activities continue to plague the area, and members of the public should report any incidences of dangerous riding, or riding of unlicensed vehicles on the public rights of way to the police.

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