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Local Election Results 2007

The local results of the recent Local Council elections are as follows:

White Horse District Council, Radley Ward

  Bob Johnston (Liberal Democrat)
         Denis Standen (Conservative)
  Chris Henderson (Green)
Bob Johnston, Liberal Democrat, elected with majority of 233  

The Liberal Democrats have strengthened their grip on the White Horse District Council and have increased their overall majority from 9 to 17. The Lib Dems now hold 34 seats and the Conservatives the remaining 17.

In the elections for the Abingdon Town Council, the Tories were completely wiped out with the Liberal Democrats taking all 21 seats.

These Liberal Democrat successes were not reflected in the rest of the country. In South Oxfordshire, Cherwell and West Oxfordshire. the trend was quite different with the Conservatives making significant gains at the expense of the other parties.

The election for Radley Parish Council was uncontested, with two previous councillors, Jane Wyatt and former chairman, Brian Mott, standing down. There are currently 2 vacancies on the Council.


Full Results of District Council Elections for Oxfordshire

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