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MEP visit to the Radley Lakes

On Friday, 2nd March, Dr Caroline Lucas, the Green’s Member of the European Parliament for the southeast, visited the Radley Lakes to witness the appalling destruction being wreaked on the once beautiful Thrupp Lake by RWE npower. 



Dr Caroline Lucas MEP, photographed at the Radley Lakes


Caroline Lucas, said that RWE npower’s plans wouldn’t just destroy Radley lakes – but it would fuel climate change too.

Speaking before the visit, Dr Lucas said:

“Didcot A power station is one of the largest and dirtiest power stations in the UK. It emits about 1% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions. It now intends to dispose of the ash by filling one of Oxfordshire’s best loved lakes. This would be deeply unfortunate in any circumstances, but it is made worse by RWE npower’s failure to properly examine alternatives.

“Technologies now exist for productively using power station ash as a replacement for bricks and cement. Scottish and Southern, one of the UK’s other major electricity suppliers, has recently announced it will use convert all the ash from the Fiddler’s Ferry power station in Cheshire into useful material for the construction industry and other uses. Why can’t RWE npower do the same?

“The cement industry is one of the largest greenhouse gas producers in the UK. So if RWE npower used the ash for cement, rather than tipped into lakes, it would avoid huge amounts of carbon emissions. We calculate that npower could cut emissions by 250,000 tonnes a year by properly using this material. This is equivalent to savings from constructing 100 large wind turbines.”

Local Green Party candidate, Chris Goodall, who organised the site visit by the MEP, added: ‘RWE in Germany has got the message – climate change is happening, and power producers are need to take action to cut their emissions. Here in the UK, its local subsidiary continues with its old ways, brutally destroying the local environment and ignoring the clear opportunity to recycle the ash productively.’ 



Denis Standen, vice chairman of Radley Parish Council, talks to Caroline Lucas,
while npower contractors remorselessly continue their destructive activities in the background.


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