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New Plans to Dump Ash at Radley go to Public Consultation

The new planning application by RWE Npower to dump PFA into Lake E (known locally as Thrupp Lake) has now gone to public consultation. People have until 17 March 2006 [now extended to 16 June 2006 – see below ] to submit their objections.The address to write to is

Director for Environment & Economy

Oxfordshire County Council

Speedwell House

Speedwell Street



Ref: JF/8.4/5197/4

Radley Ash Disposal Scheme – Application for Planning Permission (Lake E)

Approval is sought by RWE Npower PLC, operator of Didcot A Power Station, to:Develop a new ash lagoon in the area known as Lake ‘E’ located to the north of the Abingdon Branch line embankment west  of the byway (BOAT) Radley No. 9 running southwards from Thrupp Lane. (Grid ref. SU 519 976); including

  1. Construction of the new ash lagoon, including working clay from the bottom of the existing lake to form an impermeable lining to the sides of the new lagoon and the construction of necessary enclosing bunds;
  2. Filling the new lagoon with pulverised fuel ash delivered from Didcot A Power Station by pipeline in wet slurry form;
  3. Restoration of the new lagoon to nature conservation use;
  4. Installation of ancillary and enabling works including access points, ash slurry and water pipework, cenosphere harvesting facilities, surface water drainage including a new ditch draining into existing Lake M (Orchard Pool) and an outlet from that lake into an existing ditch, and a return water outlet structure.

This is a new application covering all the works required for the construction, operation and restoration of an ash lagoon in lake E, and does not rely on any existing planning permission for any new works required.

The application is supported by the following documents:

  • Special Oxfordshire County Council Minerals and Waste Planning Application, including certificate B and Agricultural Holdings Certificate.
  • Environmental Statement (npower Reference Number: ENV/057/2006) “The ES”
  • Non Technical Summary (npower Reference Number: ENV/057/2006) “The NTS”
  • Notice of the Application sent to landowners.
  • Drawings:
    • npower UKP/DCD/0069/A:  Application Boundary Lake E
    • Jacobs J20115/E/200D:  Radley Ash Lagoons Lake E Site Plan North Sheet
    • Jacobs J20115/E/203B:  Radley Ash Lagoons Lake E Site Plan South Sheet
    • Jacobs J20115/E/201C:  Radley Ash Lagoons Lake E Earthworks Sections Sheet 1
    • Jacobs J20115/E/202C:  Radley Ash Lagoons Lake E Earthworks Sections Sheet 2

The Application can be viewed at Abingdon Library, Didcot A Power Station Gatehouse or at Oxfordshire County Council’s offices at Speedwell House, Oxford, from 20 February. If you wish to view the application at Speedwell House, an appointment may be necessary (Tel. 01865 815356).

Copies of the NTS and ES may also be obtained from the following address:

Didcot A Power Station



OX11 7HA

Fax: 01235 516097

Email: eddidcot@rwenpower.com
Copies of the NTS are available free of charge. A charge of £30 will be made for each copy of the ES to cover printing and postage costs.


Help on writing letters of objection can be found at



The Oxfordshire County Council Planning and Regulation Committee was scheduled to consider the matter on 22 May 2006. This has now been postponed to 10 July 2006 (See below).

Important note. This is a new planning application. If you made representations regarding the previous planning application to fill Lakes ‘E’ and ‘F’, that was submitted in 2005, then you must write again in response to the new proposals.
[Update 06/03/06]
Oxfordshire County Council have now agreed to a universal extension of the public consultation period to 13th April 2006 (Maundy Thursday). The date that the matter goes before the Planning and Regulation Committee remains unaltered.


[Update 10/05/06]
Due to the huge number of objections (over 2,700 at the last count) and the number and complexity of the issues raised, Oxfordshire County Council have delayed consideration of the matter until 10th July 2006.


[Update 22/05/06]
Members of Oxfordshire County Council’s Planning and Regulation Committee, accompanied by Officers, this morning visited the Radley Lakes to see for themselves what is at stake. Unfortunately the weather was less than perfect, except that is, for the ducks! As well as lakes E and F, they also “visited” lakes H/I, and were shown around Lakes A to D on the other side of the railway. What relevance do Lakes A to D have to the current application? None really, except that Npower are trying to put them forward as examples of their restoration skills and of what is achievable at Lake E.


[Update 28/05/06]
Oxfordshire County Council have reopened the public consultation on the current application (See notice on page 25 of The Oxford Times, May 26 2006). The revised Notice of Application now contains the statement that “The County Council considers that the application does not accord with its plans for the development of the County”.

The new deadline for receipt of representations is 16 June 2006.

If you have not already done so, or if you have additional information relating to the application, please write to Oxfordshire County Council to object. If your comments are received before the new deadline, they will be considered. If you have already written in connection with the current (2006) application, your comments are still valid.

The officer dealing with this application is Mary Thompson, telephone 01865 815901 or email mary.thompson@oxfordshire.gov.uk .

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