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Officers’ Report Recommends Granting Permission to Destroy Thrupp Lake

The Officers’ Report on the Radley Lakes planning application, with its recommendations to the Oxfordshire County Council’s Planning and Regulatory Committee, has now been published, and is summarised below in the Notice of Meeting. The full report can be downloaded from www.saveradleylakes.org.uk/documents/OCCPN6.pdf

Please note that the report is a recommendation. The decision will be made by the Members of the Committee or by the Secretary of State for the Environment (see News Item).


Notice of Meeting

Date/Time Monday 10 July 2006   at 2.00 pm
Place County Hall, Oxford
Contact officer Graham Warrington

(Tel: 01865 815321; E-mail: graham.warrington@oxfordshire.gov.uk )

Application for a New Bunded Ash Lagoon in Existing ‘ Lake E ‘
Gravel Pit Including: Construction of New Ash Lagoon, Including
Working Clay from the Bottom of the Existing Lake to Form
an Impermeable Lining to the Sides of New Lagoon, Filling
the New Lagoon with Pulverised Fuel Ash, Restoration to
Nature Conservation, Deposit of Silt and Slurry from Lake E
to Lake G and Pipe and Drainage Works

Application RAD/5948/24-CM
Report by Head of Sustainable Development ( PN6 ).
This application is for the filling of a former gravel pit at Radley known as Lake E with Pulverised Fuel Ash (pfa) produced from burning coal from Didcot power station. The lake is located in a complex of former gravel pits, most of which have already been filled with pfa under a permission granted in 1982. Because this proposal involves raising final land levels and the lining of the lake with clay to meet environmental standards set by the Environment Agency, the development is not covered by the old permission.
The current disposal lagoons at Radley are nearly full and it has proved impossible to reuse or recycle all of the ash produced. In order to continue to generate electricity Didcot power station must have a disposal facility for the ash that cannot be reused or recycled. The power station occupies an important position as one of the key sources of electricity generation in the south of England .
Many objections have been received because the lake and its surroundings are valued as a local ecological and recreational resource. There have also been concerns raised about pollution and flooding issues. However, these issues are adequately addressed in the Environmental Statement and the application includes an ecology led restoration plan. Neither the Environment Agency nor English Nature have objected to the application. The adjoining lake, Lake F , is to be retained, ensuring that some of the most important ecological and amenity value of the immediate area remains.
The report concludes that there is a strong need for this development, and the restoration proposals adequately mitigate adverse environmental impacts.
It is RECOMMENDED that subject to:
(i) a legal agreement, or other suitable legal mechanism, to be agreed by the Solicitor to the Council to ensure that areas K, Land M are not used for the disposal of pfa and to secure long term management of the site; and
(ii) notifying the Secretary of State that the proposal represents a departure from the development plan;

planning permission for Application RAD/5948/24-CM be granted subject to conditions in accordance with the heads of conditions set out in the report.


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