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Sphaerophoria scripta

Sphaerophoria scripta (male) (12 September 2014)

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Splayed Deer Fly

Chrysops caecutiens, a horsefly(22 July 2013)

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Nephrotoma quadrifaria – a crane fly

Nephrotoma quadrifaria, a cranefly(St David’s Meadow, 06 June 2013)

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a snail-eating Fly

Elgiva cucularia (tentative) – a snail-eating fly (Sciomyzidae)(Thrupp Lake 27 May 2013)

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Tachinid Fly

Phasia hemiptera – a tachinid fly – male(21 August 2012)This pretty fly parasitises on hemiptera species, principally Palomina prasina and Pentatoma rufipes

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Yellow Dung Fly

Yellow Dung-fly (Scathophaga stercoraria)(04 June 2011)

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Anopheles Mosquito

    Anopheles maculipennis spp. which is a species complex comprising Anopheles atroparvus and Anopheles messeae. The former is more likely to come into houses, which is where this one was found. (Identification by Tony Irwin, www.diptera.info) Any mosquito is unwelcome, and this one more than most. In warmer climates, it is a vector for …

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Gonia picea – a tachinid fly

  Gonia picea – a tachinid fly.A medium sized fly (about 8mm) which might be mistaken by some for a blowfly. However, it isn’t and is in fact fairly unusual in the UK. It’s most distinctive feature is probably the white face.(14 March 2011)

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Kite-tailed Robber Fly

Kite-tailed Robber Fly (Tolmerus atricapillus)(23 August 2010) This is another very large (having a body length of over 15mm) and fierce looking fly. It is a predator of other insects, and is quite harmless to humans.

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Twin-lobed Deer Fly

Chrysops relictus – a horsefly(21 August 2010)

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