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Didcot Fuel Ash Disposal


“Our vision is to create a leading integrated energy business that delivers shareholder value and profitable solutions to our stakeholders, while operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.”

                                 RWE npower’s Vision Statement

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Didcot ‘A’ is a 2000MW(e) coal burning power station that has been operating since 1970. At full working capacity, it consumes approximately 5 million tonnes of coal per year. As a result of this burning, ash is produced at a maximum rate of 3420 tonnes/day which equates to a maximum of 1.25 million tonnes per …

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About PFA

Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA)       What is PFA?    Cenospheres   LOI (Loss on Ignition)       What is PFA? To understand what pulverised fuel ash (PFA) also known as fly ash, is and how it it is produced, one needs to needs to know a little about the coal burning …

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Uses of PFA

A European Issue Construction Other Applications Cenospheres Why is PFA being Under-utilised in the UK? Is PFA Waste? ECOBA Some Options for Didcot   A European Issue Approximately 44 million tonnes of fly ash were produced in Europe (EU15) in 2003 of which 21.1 million tonnes …

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Hazards of PFA

Everything in this world is potentially harmful if present in sufficiently large quantities and if handled, stored or disposed of in an inappropriate manner. PFA is no exception. In “reasonable” quantities, it is believed not to represent a major hazard to the environment. However there are risks if a large amount of it is dumped …

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