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Whilst much of the land in the Parish is managed or has been managed in the past, Radley provides a diversity of natural habitats for wildlife. These include:

  • Freshwater aquatic and semi-aquatic: River Thames; lakes and ponds; roadside streams and ditches.
  • Water meadows
  • Pasture
  • Field margins
  • Woodland, copses and hedgerows
  • Roadside and trackside verges
  • Waste ground
  • Underground

Many of Radley’s lakes were and are the result of gravel extraction, and have, in recent years, been infilled with PFA from Didcot Power Station. When settled, the ash is covered with earth, re-landscaped and replanted to form new ‘natural’ woodland areas.

Wildlife also exists and sometimes thrives in many man-made environments including: paths, pavements, walls, exteriors and interiors of buildings, etc. Semi-natural environments are provided by gardens and parkland (Radley College and Barrow Hills).

Specific habitats of particular wildlife interest include:

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