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Parish Plan Archive

The preparation of a Parish Plan is a community initiative when all aspects of the village, its environs, and the life of its community is considered.  The Plan should set out a vision for how the community wants to develop, and identify the action needed to achieve it. It can include everything that is relevant.


Following two public meetings arranged by Radley Parish Council, a Parish Plan Steering Committee for Radley has been formed and a Parish Blog has been set up to keep people in touch – and for “feeds” click here.

The current Committee (January 2010) is as follows:

Name   Role   Group represented  
David Buckle       Radley Retirement Group  
Garry Cook          
Eric Davies       Radley Parish Council  
Inga Doherty          
Bob Earl          
Nick Frearson          
Sally Raven   Secretary/Treasurer      
Jenny Standen       Radley Parish Council  
Kayla Tomlinson   Chairman   Radley Retirement Group  
Fiona Wilkes          
Ian Yorston       Radley Parish Council  
Martha Young       Radley Parish Church  
The main aim of the Steering Committee is to obtain the views of all members of the community (from the young people to the elderly) on how they wish the community to develop. It will be trying to join in activities of other village groups to obtain the views of their members, and it is hoped that some special events will be arranged throughout the coming months to obtain views of people who are not members of the various organisations.
After the feedback from this communication has been analysed, a questionnaire will be prepared and circulated – to households or to individuals (this is something which has to be decided – so your views on this would be welcomed).

The Steering Committee has met monthly, receiving advice from Mr Anton Nath, Oxfordshire Rural Community Council, on the way forward.  From 21st September 2009, it will be meeting on the third Monday of each month, at 7 pm venue to be advised.


Minutes of previous Meetings:-

31 August 2011 (pdf)
16 May 2011 (pdf)
16 February 2011 (pdf)
15th December2010 (pdf)
20th September 2010 (pdf)
16th August 2010 (pdf)
26th July 2010 (pdf)
28th June 2010 (pdf)
24th May 2010 (pdf)
26th April 2010 (pdf)
1st March 2010 (pdf)
18th January 2010 (pdf)
21st December 2009 (pdf)
16th November 2009 (pdf)
18th May 2009 (pdf)
30th June 2009 (pdf)
21st July 2009 (pdf)
21st September 2009 (pdf)
19th October 2009 (pdf)

Date of next Meeting :  There are no further meetings of the Parish Plan

If you require further information about the Radley Parish Plan, please contact Sally Raven

Volunteers helped to delver the Questionnaire in March 2011.  The completion response was better than expected.  Radley Parishoners rose to the occasion to tell the Steering Committee how they felt about our Village.


You can keep up to date with the Parish Plan Blog 

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If anyone is interested in helping with the work of this Committee, please pass on comments to Kayla (email:parishplan@radleyvillage.org.uk) or Sally (email: sally@radleyvillage.org.uk)

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