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River Thames and beyond

The habitable part of Lower Radley is bounded by the flood plain of the Thames, which runs along the eastern boundary of the parish, though there are a few dwellings, built to withstand flooding, alongside the river. Radley boathouse serves the rowing needs of Radley College and is also used by some Oxford colleges. The Thames path from Abingdon to Sandford Lock runs along the Radley side of the river and is much used by walkers and joggers. Other favoured pastimes include fishing and boating. The river and its banks are a haven for many types of water birds including ducks, swans, coots, kingfishers and great crested grebe. Immediately across the river from Radley lies the parish of Nuneham Courtenay, with the woodlands of Nuneham Park bordering the river to the south. So near, yet so far…




Pleasure boat on the River Thames at Radley.

Boat on the River Thames


View to the NE from Lower Radley



Nuneham House, which is on the far side of the river, as seen from Lower Radley



Flooding in January 2003. The picture shows the causeway leading down to the boathouse, which is visible in the distance.


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