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Parish Council December update

The Parish Council has appointed Cranley Environmental to help drawing up a masterplan for the Radley Lakes area. They have specialist knowledge and experience which will help us take the project forward, building on information we have already assembled on the area’s ecology, land ownerships, planning permissions and current patterns of recreational use.

We have asked them to report by the end of April with their initial proposals following which there will be a period of consultation.  The masterplan will then be firmed up with greater detail in the summer.

Richard Dudding is leading this project for the PC, working closely with Roger Thomas of Friends of Radley Lakes.  We expect to pay for the consultancy with section 106 money earmarked specifically for Radley Lakes from the North Abingdon development.

Primary school and new pedestrian crossing

Plans for the primary school extension continue to move forwards. Oxfordshire County Council expect to firm up on the layout of the new buildings very soon, and have said they will let the PC have plans and costings for an extension to the school hall at the same time. The PC has agreed to help pay for this from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts.

Representatives of the parish council, the primary school, the Church and Radley College met in early November to consider issues around the car park and the proposed pedestrian crossing in Church Road. The conclusion was that the best plan would be to move the vehicle access to the east end of the carpark away from the footpath through to the school and to turn the existing vehicle access into a pedestrian only entrance with the pedestrian crossing opposite to it. While this will not allow for separate in and out entrances as some parents have advocated, it has the great advantage of keeping children entering the school on foot away from cars going into and out of the carpark.

‘No’ to additional allotments

The Neighbourhood Plan commits the parish council to taking steps to establish additional allotments for the growing population. We identified six sites that we thought might be suitable, and approached the landowners to ask if they were prepared to make the land available. Unfortunately, none was.

The PC has reluctantly concluded that this policy will therefore have to be shelved for the time being. The £50k provisionally earmarked in the CIL budget to pay for related services has been put back into the general pot.

Development newsletter

We have postponed the planned door-to-door distribution of an update on development plans and the CIL budget so as not to get caught up with Election literature. It will be distributed in late January instead.

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