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Parish Council update

The Parish Council has had a busy month but has no major developments to report on just at the moment. We are planning to distribute a newsletter house-to-house at the end of November to give a full update on planning matters and the CIL development programme.

The new enlarged parish council met for the first time on 26 September and among other things agreed who should serve on the various council committees. Reader might like to see what committees we have and what they are doing

Police matters

For a report on police matters, including a conviction following a burglary at Stonhouse Crescent in February, please visit our website (radleyvillage.org.uk). Readers may also be interested in a Police Have Your Say meeting to be held on Monday 18th November, 10am – 12pm at the Monday Market, The Market Place, Abingdon.

Parish Council committees and roles November 2019

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