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Parish Council update for December

Housing development in Radley

Radley College’s application for the development of 13 staff dwellings at Church Farm received planning consent in November.

The planning situation relating to the strategic housing sites in the parish remains unchanged since last month.

Commuter parking

The Parish Council met Lee Turner of Oxfordshire County Council in early November to consider the need for additional parking restrictions to control commuter parking on Radley streets. It was provisionally agreed that new restrictions should be imposed on Church Road between the Lower Radley turn and Spinneys Close, and that the parking currently permitted in the other direction between the Lower Radley turn and Station Road should be reduced by one car length. Lee Turner agreed with the PC that current parking on these stretches of road compromised visibility and were a safety hazard.

The PC is keen to hear any reactions to these proposals and will review them with OCC in the light of any comments received. The next step after that will be formal consultation by OCC prior to their installation of any new lines agreed.

Road safety outside the primary school

A zebra crossing outside the primary school will be provided in due course under a condition of planning consent for the 240 new houses proposed on the NW Radley strategic housing site. In the meantime, the parish council has agreed to finance a school crossing patrol and is currently advertising for someone to fill this role. Lee Turner of OCC informed us that a new ‘SLOW’ carriageway marking in Church Road to the east of the school will be delivered in 2019/20. New signage in Church Road to the west of the school is also under consideration.

Speeding on local roads

The Parish Council is concerned about cars travelling at excessive speeds on village roads and is looking into ways to tackle this. Options under consideration include applying to reduce speed limits from 30mph to 20mph, a Community Speedwatch initiative, and purchasing vehicle activated signs which alert drivers when they are speeding. We will keep you informed as the options become clearer. Any views welcome.

Large sycamore on Lower Radley Green

Readers who have passed by the Lower Radley Green over the last couple of weeks will have been sad to see that the very fine old sycamore there has been felled. Disease had eaten into the heart of the tree and it had become a safety hazard. We are considering what to plant as a replacement.

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