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Parish Council update for January

The latest on the Oxford/Cambridge Expressway

The future of this project is looking increasingly uncertain.

A consultation exercise was planned by Highways England to be launched in the Autumn but was postponed because of the Election.  During a visit to Abingdon in the run-up to the Election, Transport Minister Grant Shapps promised to review the project if the Conservatives were returned to power, saying that he was no longer convinced that the benefits stacked up. The County Council has also withdrawn its support, writing to the Communities Secretary to say that ‘Oxfordshire does not support the building of the Expressway irrespective of which route is chosen’.

Some kind of review of the case for an Expressway is likely to happen next. We will follow developments closely and keep you informed.

North Abingdon strategic site

Detailed plans for the first 425 homes at the western end of this site are proceeding slowly through the planning process; they may be agreed by Spring 2020. The developers are David Wilson Homes, part of the Barratt development group. Building work is now expected to start in the summer/autumn of 2020 with the first homes occupied around a year later. Some work to upgrade the Wootton Road roundabout and to create an access to the site off Dunmore Road may start sooner.

There is outline permission for 900 dwellings and 50 retirement homes across this site as a whole. However, there is a condition that no more than 400 of these may be occupied before a contract has been let to build the south facing slip roads on the A34 at Lodge Hill. The slip road project is currently on hold pending decisions on the Expressway which is in turn subject to review as outlined above. It could be some considerable time before development gets under way at the Peachcroft end of the site.

North West Radley site

Members of the parish council and development steering group are due to meet the developers, Blenheim Estates/Pye Homes, on 13 January. Among items on the agenda will be the proposed new White’s Lane/Radley Road junction, cycle routes, plans for the open area behind the Foxborough Road gardens, the location of the playground and the likely timing of development. Please contact Tom James, RPC’s Development Support officer (tom.james@radleyparish.org), or Priscilla Dudding, Chair of the Development Steering Group (priscilla.dudding@radleyparish.org), if there are other matters you would like to see raised at this stage.

There will be an opportunity to comment formally to the Vale planning authority when Blenheim’s design and layout proposals are published as part of their ‘reserved matters’ application, likely to be sometime in the Spring.

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