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Parish Council update for July

Expressway open meeting: Monday 8 July at 7.30 in the Silk Hall, Radley College:

Don’t forget the open meeting on what the new Oxford/Cambridge Expressway could mean for Radley if it goes ahead.

Highways England have declined to come to the meeting. In their absence, we will present material drawn from their website showing how the route could affect the parish. Bev Hindle, Director of the Oxfordshire Growth Board, will explain the broader context. Hazel Dawe of the No Expressway Alliance will give a short talk on why she thinks the road should not go ahead. Layla Moran MP will be in the chair.

The meeting is open to all. However, if you are a Radley resident and want to sure of getting in, please contact the Clerk to reserve a place. 

Appointment of Development Support Officer:

We are delighted to report that Tom James has joined the parish council in the part-time role of Development Support Officer. Tom had a very distinguished career in teaching and school administration, retiring from the position of Sub-Warden at St Edward’s School, Oxford in 2017. He will be at the centre of the parish council’s activities to prepare for the new development in the parish. An early priority will be to liaise with the primary school and OCC to plan for the school expansion.

The future of the village hall and playing fields:

Figures produced for the Development Steering Group in early June showed that the costs of developing a new village hall and pavilion to meet current expectations are likely to be significantly greater than the development gain which Radley College could expect to realise through developing housing at Gooseacre.  In these circumstances we were told that Radley College would not be pursuing their earlier ideas to develop Gooseacre and relocate the community facilities near the primary school. 

The Steering Group will be considering how we should go about bringing the Gooseacre facilities up-to-date at its next meeting in September. If you have thoughts you want to feed into this discussion, please contact the Clerk (clerk@radleyparish.org) or Tom James (tom.james@radleyparish.org).

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