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Parish Council update for June

Launch of Radley Lakes masterplan

It is heartening when projects that the Parish Council has worked on for years begin to come to fruition, and to receive support within and beyond our community. The Radley Lakes masterplan was launched on 10 May, as explained in the article elsewhere in this edition. We wish the newly established Radley Lakes Trust the very best of luck in making progress with the delivery of the Plan on the ground.

Temporary Church Road closure over the school summer holiday

The Parish Council have been notified of a temporary closure of Church Road over the period 12 July to 2 September 2021. This is to allow work to be completed on an access to the new Pye Homes development, a pedestrian crossing outside the primary school, a new, safer, carpark access and a new sewer running from the Pye Homes site to join the main sewer at a point some 100 metres to the east of the St James Road junction.

We have been told that the road closure will initially be limited to a short stretch of road to the east (ie shop side) of the St James Road junction and that the road outside the school will remain open until after term ends. The section of road to the east of the St James Road junction will then re-open for later phases of the programme when the road outside the school is closed. We understand that pedestrian access will be maintained throughout. Buses will be re-routed through the village but we have yet to be given any detail.

The inconvenience that this will no doubt cause to many residents over the summer is unfortunate. The planned improvements to road safety arrangements outside the school do however offer long-term benefit, and there is some advantage in getting this unavoidable work out of the way during the school holidays.

Community building at ‘The Lawns’

The group working on designs for the community building at “The Lawns” had a very positive meeting with Redrow about the project. They met Debbie Low who is going to be our liaison with Redrow and were able to visit the site to help with visualisation. We hope to be ready for a public consultation on a number of possible designs later in the summe

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