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Parish Council update for November

New parish councillor

The Council is pleased to welcome a new member, Graham Leonard. Graham will be known to many residents as the manager of the Bowyers Arms. Graham fills one of the two vacancies left by resignations earlier this year.

There remains one vacancy. Anyone interested in serving the Council should contact the Clerk, contact details below.

NW Radley development

There is a final opportunity to submit comments on Pye Homes’ detailed plans for the NW Radley site which are now up on the Vale planning register (application ref: P20/VO390/RM). The deadline for comments is 11 November.

Pye are hoping that planning permission will be granted soon after that and that construction can begin in the new year.

New threat from developers

We reported in July that the Vale had issued a new ‘call for sites’ for development. This is the first step in a process leading to a new Local Plan which will allocate sites for development over the period up to 2040. The next step will be publication of the Vale’s Preferred Options in Spring 2021. We won’t know until then all the sites that have been put forward for consideration in Radley and whether the Vale consider any of them to be potentially suitable.

At its October meeting, the Parish Council received a presentation from one of the would-be developers, Arnold White Estates (AWE). They have proposed a hugely ambitious plan to develop 600 new houses around Gooseacre Farm, together with a country park, a solar farm on land owned by Tuckwells, new offices/ industrial premises on the JCSL industrial site, a school or health centre at the Old Coal Yard and a road link connecting directly through from Thrupp Lane to Audlett Drive.

The success of these proposals depends on buy-in from other local landowners who own most of the land proposed for everything other than housing. Whilst AWE claim that they are well on the way to securing this, our information suggests otherwise. Tuckwells tell us that they have not yet been approached by AWE, let alone agreed to the proposition that their land be redeveloped as a solar farm.

A plus point for AWE is that they have taken the time to look at our Neighbourhood Plan, and their proposal to create a new link road to Audlett Drive is attractive. The landowners have also been keen to tell us that their roots are in Radley, and that they have its best interests very much at heart.

Their actions, however, indicate a far from benign attitude to local residents. AWE have refused even to discuss with us the possibility of establishing a permissive path alongside Thrupp Lane, something that would indisputably greatly improve the safety and amenity of local people visiting the Lakes, and which could be achieved without prejudicing their own proposals. They appear to be saying that they will talk to us about a modest initiative to benefit Radley people only if we embrace the idea of 600 new houses in Radley. 

The AWE proposals may not survive the Vale’s sift. If they do, they are unlikely to receive any support from the parish council.

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