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Annual Tree Planting Programme/Maintenance of Footpaths Advisory Working Group



Cr C Henderson

Cr R Johnston

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Parish Council are ex-officio members of all Committees and Working Groups.

Terms of Reference

  • To improve the quality of life in the Parish by planting new trees and by maintaining existing trees.
  • To work for the improvement of footpaths in the Parish, and to review their condition annually.

Lost Ways

Following the introduction of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, the Government has asked the Countryside Agency to identify historic rights of way (those in existance before 1949) and submit claims to amend the definitive maps before a cut-off date of 2026. This work has not yet started for Oxfordshire, but the Parish Council would like to make a start here by looking for old rights of way in Radley Parish (see Map).

We have now started work on the Drover’s Road, but there may be others, so if you have any old maps showing rights of way, now defunct, please contact Martin Wilson on 01235 533507.   

The Drover’s Road

The old Drover’s Road between Lower Radley and Abingdon via Pumney Farm, as shown on the map below, was used by monks from Abingdon Abbey as the quickest route to Oxford. It is clearly marked on the John Roque map of 1760 and the tithe map of 1849. Mrs Rita Ford remembers how the residents of Lower Radley used it as their regular route to Abingdon.

After consultation with several residents, the Parish Council has decided to initiate procedures which could lead to the Drover’s Road being registered as a pedestrian right of way. This is likely to be a lengthy process which will be based on old documents and the witness statements of those who used the road when it was open.

If you have memories of using the road, or know others who do, please contact Martin Wilson on 01235 533507.



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