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Conservation Working Party (Nature)


Radley Parish Council:

Cr S Betts

Cr C  Henderson

Cr S Walker

Abingdon Naturalists Society:

Radley College


The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Parish Council are ex-officio members of all Committees and Working Groups.


Terms of Reference

To support wildlife conservation and biodiversity and to advise the Parish Council as to how it should best meet its obligations under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006.

(i) By determining, and maintaining awareness of, the presence and nature of wildlife interest in the parish: in particular with respect to rare, endangered and legally protected species and habitats, Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priority species and important habitat areas in the parish.

(ii) By identifying areas that should be protected.

(iii) By recommending appropriate positive action or support for the protection and conservation of wildlife, natural habitats and the enhancement of biodiversity in the Parish.

(iv) By liaising with other local authorities, agencies and local wild life trusts responsible for wildlife conservation in the area.

(v) By advising the Parish Council of wildlife-related issues in the Parish, eg in relation to planning and byelaws.

(vi) By advising the Parish Council on the formulation of any policies and plans aimed at the protection of wildlife interest in the Parish or in surrounding areas.

(vii) By ensuring that appropriate measures for the maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity are incorporated in the Parish Plan.

(viii) By generally raising awareness of wildlife conservation interests in the Parish.


Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)


Site of tree

Type of tree

Date TPO given


South of Peach Croft Farm

Poplars (20)

25 March 1974


Bigwood Caravan Park

Whole of the Caravan Park

5 June 1997


The spinney and trees at the junction of the Kennington/Radley Road and Sandford Lane

Various species of trees – Woodland TPO

27 August 1998


Land to west of 4 Norfolk Close

Horse chestnut

16 November 2001


11 Badgers Copse

Scots pines (2)


The Parish Council also asked the Vale of the White Horse District Council to consider the cherry trees by the allotments in Church Road for TPOs, but the Council indicated that it did not think they were suitable candidates for a TPO – they are quite nice but not outstanding and are not under threat of being felled.

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