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Planning Policy and Neighbourhood Plan Working Group





Priscilla Dudding

Chair of Group, parish council member

Rosemary Aldgate


Richard Dudding


Chris Henderson

Parish council member

Lynda Pasquire Crowley

Parish council member

Sheila Smith


Jenny Standen

Parish council chair

Martin Wilson


Mike Wilson


Christine Wootton


Ian Yorston

 Parish council member          



  1. Role

The Steering Group will advise the Parish Council on:

  1. Outstanding work needed for the preparation and updating of the adopted Neighbourhood Plan, including work with VWHDC to finalise the text to reflect modifications proposed by the independent examiner and to support the referendum.
  2. Progress on delivering the policies in the Plan, including an annual monitoring report.
  3. Issues arising in connection with planning consents for the 3 strategic sites in the parish and with related construction activity.
  4. The estimated quantities and likely timing of Parish Council CIL receipts from the development of two of the strategic sites, and how they should be spent. 

2.  Membership and Quorum

2.1  Membership of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group shall comprise a minimum of 3 members of the Parish Council plus such other persons whom the Parish Council agrees to co-opt.

2.2  The Working Group shall review its membership from time to time.

2.3  The Working Group will report to the Parish Council’s monthly meeting.

2.4  The quorum for a meeting of the Working Group is three, including at least one parish councillor.  If fewer than 3 members are present, the meeting shall stand adjourned.

3. Chairman, Officers and Clerking Arrangements

3.1  The Working Group shall elect a chairman from its number at the first meeting after the Parish Council Annual meeting in May. 

3.2  If the chairman is not present, members shall elect a chairman for the meeting from amongst their number.

3.3  Non-voting, advisory officers shall be the parish clerk, and any Planning or other consultants or experts co-opted or engaged by the Working Group (with the approval of the Parish Council). 

3.4  The Working Group and all its proceedings and communications shall be subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

4. Finance

4.1  The Working Group’s work will be financed by the Parish Council and by grants made to the Parish Council. 

4.2  Receipts and Payments will be administered through the Parish Council’s account, with a budget prepared by the Working Group.

4.3  Neighbourhood Plan account will be audited as part of the Parish Council’s internal and external audit procedures.

4.4  The Parish Clerk shall keep the Parish Council informed of on-going budgetary requirements for the Neighbourhood Plan. 

4.5  Orders for goods and services, and contracts issued for work on the Radley Neighbourhood Plan must comply with Radley Parish Council’s Financial Regulations as then in force. The Clerk shall be responsible for placing such orders and issuing calls for tender for any contracts.

5. Frequency, Timing and Procedure of Meetings

5.1  The Working Group shall meet when needed.

5.2       Any changes to Working Group Terms of Reference shall require Parish Council approval.

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