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Communications Working Group


Cr P Dudding

Cr S Walker

Cr I Yorston


The Working Group is responsible for an overview of all aspects of communications with Radley residents, specifically:

  • To review the current methods of communication between the Parish Council and the wider community.
  • To recommend to the Parish Council a communications strategy.
  • To agree and recommend appropriate media for specific audiences.
  • To make arrangements for the provision and maintenance of the village website.
  • To consider any other communications issues as requested by the Council.


The Communications Working Group is appointed by, and solely responsible to, Radley Parish Council.

The Committee’s duties are defined and agreed by the Parish Council, which may vote, at any time, to modify the Committee’s powers.

 Frequency of meetings:

The working group shall meet as required.


The committee shall consist of no fewer than 3 elected parish councillors and at its first meeting will elect a chairman to preside over future meetings – to be elected each year at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

The quorum is 3 elected members.

Members who are not members of the Parish Council may be co-opted to provide expertise and guidance and will have full voting rights.

Membership will be reviewed annually at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council


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