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Working group convened to consider a proposition by Radley Primary School regarding school expansion

Terms of reference of the working group convened to consider Radley Primary School’s proposition concerning school expansion:


  1. Radley Primary School governors have invited the Parish Council to consider a proposition that the development of Gooseacre and relocation of the village hall and playing fields to a site adjacent to the primary school be supported in order to facilitate the expansion of the primary school. This follows a recent statement by the Radley College bursars that any windfall gain from the development of Gooseacre will be used to support the primary school.


  1. The Parish Council will convene a working group to explore this proposition. The group will assess:
  2. The cash amount of any development gain which can be expected to result from the development of Gooseacre after deducting the costs of replacing the village hall, playing fields, playground, sports pavilion and car park, and hence the extent of any cash available for the extension of the school.
  3. The practicability and desirability of combining a new village hall and new school hall in a single building. An independent consultant may be appointed to prepare a note setting out the relevant considerations.
  4. The Working Group will report its findings to the Parish Council.

Membership of group

  1. The Group will be convened by a parish councillor on behalf of RPC. The Primary School governors, the Radley College bursars, the Village Hall Committee, the Church housing group and the Thrupp Lane Residents Association will all be invited to nominate a representative to serve on the group.

Community consultation

  1. RPC will undertake a further survey of residents’ views before considering any change to its policy towards the development of Gooseacre. The purpose of the current exercise is to clarify the facts necessary to underpin any further public consultation which the parish council may consider desirable.

Adopted at the meeting of Radley Parish Council held on April 26th 2018


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