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Part-time development support officer for Radley Parish Council

Radley Parish Council is looking for an able and resourceful individual to help develop and manage a £1.5m expenditure programme. The programme addresses the challenges presented by major new development in the parish and is to be financed by the parish’s share of Community Infrastructure Levy receipts. A list of 14 possible projects has been identified as a call on this money, and a Steering Group representing local interests has been established to agree and oversee the programme. The main role of the new appointee will be to support the Steering Group.

The work will be part-time and flexible, expected to amount to between 4 and 8 days a month. The appointee will work from their own premises.

Contract and remuneration

The hours worked and contract arrangements are negotiable.

One option is a casual employment contract at a pay rate of £14.73 per hour inclusive of pay in lieu of holiday entitlement. A pension contribution and a home working allowance of £150 will be paid in addition. 50 days’ work a year will be guaranteed, with further hours by agreement. Hours worked must include one evening meeting every 2 months but are otherwise flexible.

Alternatively, the parish council would welcome expressions of interest to undertake the work on a consultancy basis, indicating the fee rate sought. The budget set aside is £10,000 a year over 7 years.

The role

Core tasks will be to:

  1. provide general support to the Steering Group through attending bi-monthly meetings, preparing agendas and minutes and keeping the development section of the village website up-to-date;
  2. prepare a report to the Parish Council annually on the implementation of the Radley Neighbourhood Plan 2031. This sets the framework for the activities of the Development Steering Group.

In addition, to the extent that time/budget permits, it is hoped that the appointee will:

  • contribute to the development of firm proposals for individual projects in consultation with the chair or members of the Steering Group. Projects currently under consideration range from a local challenge fund to a new footpath to the construction of a new village hall;
  1. work with the Clerk on the procurement of projects including the selection, appointment and oversight of contractors;
  2. monitor development activity on the two strategic housing sites in the parish, maintaining contact with the Clerks of Works, liaising as necessary with the planning authority enforcement team and responding to queries from residents.

The balance of work between these various activities is likely to vary over time. Task (iv) in particular is not expected to arise in the immediate future.

Skills, aptitudes and experience

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and aptitudes:

  1. An ability to master unfamiliar and complex issues quickly, and to analyse and present proposals clearly in writing.
  2. The ability to deal effectively with a range of people, including Steering Group members, local government officers, contractors and members of the public.
  • A flexible approach to work, including a preparedness both to have a go at unfamiliar tasks and to undertake mundane tasks conscientiously.
  1. The ability to organise a wide-ranging work programme effectively without close supervision, ensuring that agreed tasks are delivered on time and that no agreed task is overlooked.

It is expected that the successful candidate will have some experience of broadly comparable work. Experience of work in a government body and/or in the field of planning and development could be helpful but is not essential.


If you are interested, please apply to the Clerk, Radley Parish Council, email clerk@radleyvillage.org.uk, telephone 01865 864360, by 10 May 2019.

Your application should provide your:

  • Name and contact details
  • Academic and any relevant professional qualifications
  • Current or most recent employment
  • An overview of your employment history
  • Why you are interested in this job and what special skills and experience you would bring to it.

If you are interested in undertaking this role on a consultancy basis, please also state the hourly rate you are able to offer.

Please also provide names and contact details for two referees. These will be approached only if we are considering appointment.

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