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Planning Inspector’s interim conclusions published at last

The Inspector’s interim conclusions on the Vale’s Local Plan were finally published earlier this week.

The news is not good. He has concluded that the Vale’s proposals for development of 240 houses on the site next to White’s Lane, 270 houses on the site south of Kennington and 800 houses north of Abingdon (including perhaps 390 in Radley Parish) are basically ‘sound’.  He is not going to overturn them. This means that, short of a collapse in the local housing market, development of these sites now seems inescapable.

The news for the South Radley/ Gooseacre site is superficially better, with the Inspector concluding that this site should be retained in the Green Belt for the time being. But he also notes that ‘there is potential for housing development’ on this land, and he foresees a case for a further Green Belt review to identify sites to meet Oxford’s unmet housing needs and Local Plan Part 2 allocations. These needs will be considered by the Vale over the next year. The threat of development of this site has not gone away.

We welcome the fact that the Inspector also concluded that the land occupied by the mobile home sites at the south end of Kennington should remain in the Green Belt.  Although he saw ‘some sense in its removal in the context of……..producing logical and permanent Green belt boundaries’, this area does not offer any opportunity for net housing gain and is therefore in our view relatively safe.

The full text of the Inspector’s interim conclusions is here. The Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Group will be considering next steps in the light of these conclusions, and will keep you posted.

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