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Safeguarding adults in Oxfordshire

Abuse is treating a person in a way that makes them feel frightened or unhappy, harms, hurts or exploits them. It can happen anywhere. 

Joan is 82 and lives on her own. Last week two men visited her and said that because of the recent frost the path to her door needed repairing and that if she didn’t get it done she could be sued. Joan was frightened and agreed that she would withdraw £1000 and that they would come back the next day and repair the path. Fortunately her neighbour, Val, had seen the men and was worried. Val went round to see Joan who told her what had happened. Together they contacted the Oxfordshire Trading Standards Team who were able to intervene and safeguard Joan.

Some adults are particularly vulnerable to being hurt or abused because they have a disability, illness, or impairment and need help and support.

Bill has a learning disability. He gets the bus into town where he has a part-time job. At the bus stop he is often bullied and called names by students from a local school. The bus driver was very concerned about Bill and contacted Oxfordshire Social & Community Services. A worker from social services helped Bill. Initially they were able to change Bill’s work times so that he could get a different bus. They also spent some time at the school and were able to work with the young people involved who apologised for what they had done.

Bill felt much better as he had been able to deal with the problem.

Abuse is not always deliberate. It sometimes happens that people are trying to do their best but feel stressed.

Margaret & John 
Margaret and John are both in their 90’s. Amy, their daughter, looks after them. It’s hard work. Amy has to get up most nights because her father is incontinent. One day after a particularly bad night Margaret hits out at Amy while Amy is trying to bath her. It’s the last straw for Amy and she slaps her mother back. Amy is distraught. She loves her parents dearly but feels she can’t carry on. Amy contacts her local carers’ centre who help her by supporting her to get help in caring for her parents, getting time for herself and introducing her to other carers like herself.

Details of all the organisations mentioned above can be found on the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board website www.safefromharm.org.uk

If you are worried about a vulnerable person and don’t know where else to go you can contact Oxfordshire Social & Community Services on: 0845 050 7666 
Out of hours emergency 0800 833 408

Abuse is often a crime. If you think a crime has been committed you can contact Thames Valley Police by ringing: 0845 8 505 505. In an emergency dial 999.

More information for the public and professionals from Oxfordshire Safe from Harm

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