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Second Radley Community Work Day (April 2010)

A selection of photographs taken of the second Community Work Day, organised by the Northmoor Trust, at Thrupp Lake.
23rd April 2010.

A perfect day for some conservation work while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air down by the lake, but work did not progress smoothly due to a number of interruptions…


Picnic by the Lake at the end of a morning’s work.



During the afternoon, MP and Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for this constituency, Dr Evan Harris, made a surprise visit to see for himself what progress was being made. Here he is with Melati Granucci (left) and Cllr Julie Mayhew-Archer (right).



I think I’ll have to make some cuts here.” L-R: Roger Thomas, Colin Galloway, Melati Granucci, Evan Harris (wielding loppers) and Julie Mayhew-Archer.



“Working” party: (L-R) Bob Eeles, Michael Bloom, Roger Thomas, Evan Harris (now in his shirt sleeves) Peter Harbour, Jo Cartmell, Lynda Pasquire and Mike Rogers of the Northmoor Trust.



Getting stuck in, Evan Harris (left) helps Michael Bloom tackle a thorny issue, that of pulling down the bramble enshrouded fence around the tennis court.



If we all pull together, we might be able to sort out this tangled mess. If only politics were as straightforward…


… but work on the tennis court had to be abandoned when birds’ nests were discovered amongst the brambles. This one is a blue-tits’ nest.



Then a family of Greylag geese moved onto the site to have their lunch at the same spot where we had been picnicing just an hour or so earlier. While the female tended the recently hatched goslings, the gander (right) stood attentively on guard throughout.

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