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Radley in Pictures – a selection of images from 2011

January 2011

Winter sunset, Thrupp Lake,

09 January 2011


photograph by B Crowley


February 2011  

All spray and feathers as two squabbling mute swans collide on Orchard Lake,

08 February 2011



photograph by G Cocker



April 2011

A stunning display of Wood anemones in bloom in Radley Large Wood, 07 April 2011



photograph by G Cocker


May 2011

Spirit in the Sky

The iconic shape of an Avro Vulcan MkIIB made a rare appearance in the Oxfordshire skies around Abingdon on the afternoon of 8th May.

In a unique event lasting just 10 minutes, Vulcan HX558, one of only 3 surviving Vulcans and the only one capable of flight, put on a spectacular display for this year’s Abingdon Air Show. This particular aircraft retired from 33 years of RAF service in 1993. It was subsequently acquired by enthusiasts who embarked upon an ambitious restoration project that was to last 15 years and cost over £7M. With generous public support and Heritage Lottery funding, the plane was eventually returned to airworthiness in 2008 and subsequently named “Spirit of Great Britain“. Nevertheless maintaining and operating such a large and complex aircraft within a highly regulated environment is demanding and expensive, and remains very dependent on continuing public support. Despite being a potent symbol of Britain’s one-time Greatness, the plane’s long-term future is not fully assured and public display appearances are limited, so those who saw it on Sunday were privileged to have done so. (More info at www.vulcantothesky.org )


photograph by B Crowley



photograph by B Crowley


June 2011

Summer Serenity, Thrupp Lake

A tranquil scene at this lakeside setting. Meanwhile the proposed new Radley Wetland Centre at Thrupp Lake is not having quite the smooth ride through the planning process that was anticipated. However the issues raised promise new hope that some of the long-standing problems afflicting this area may finally get sorted out.

See full story



photograph by L Pasquire


July 2011

A dazzling display of field poppies in Sugworth Lane.



photograph by G Cocker


August 2011

Dawn patrol over Thrupp Lake.


photograph by J Cartmell


October 2011

Abingdon Marathon runners passing Thrupp Lake on the morning of 16 October 2011.

(For further info, visit

http://www.abingdonmarathon.org.uk/  )



photograph by B Crowley


December 2011

A pair of Great Crested Grebes in winter plumage displaying on Thrupp Lake, as seen during the Earth Trust Winter Bird Walk on 3rd December.


photograph by B Crowley

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