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Radley in Pictures – a selection of images from 2012

April 2012

Springtime again.

Primroses in the churchyard on 1st April.


photograph by B Crowley


April 2012

The Cathedrals Express drawn by LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 no 60019 Bittern [4464] pulls into Radley Station to pick up passengers, on its way to Southampton on the morning of 19th April. Click on picture for more information and pictures.


photograph by B Crowley


June 2012

Feast for a Queen

One of the beautifully decorated tables at the Radley Diamond Jubilee celebrations held on 2nd June.

[more pictures]


photograph by L Pasquire


October 2012

Autumn Ploughing 
With the harvest finally home and dry (!) the farmers can get on with ploughing in preparation for next year’s crop. In the background is Didcot Power Station in full steam – a sight that will not be seen for much longer. (See News story


photograph by B Crowley


November 2012

Danger! Deep Water.

Flooded meadows in Lower Radley following a week of very heavy rain across Southern England. (See News story)



photograph by J Tooke


December 2012

Radley Christmas Illuminations

Walking around Radley after dark at this time of year, one will come across many examples of colourful festive illuminations where people have gone to, sometimes very considerable, lengths to decorate their homes and gardens with Christmas lights. This has long been a bit of a tradition in Radley but, with the possibilities now greatly expanded by modern low-cost LED lighting, the diplays are becoming even more spectacular, year on year. This display in Foxborough Road is particularly imaginative and photogenic without being completely over the top.


photograph by B Crowley

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