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Radley Lakes Masterplan Report 12 June 2020

One of the main priorities in the Radley Neighbourhood Plan is the creation of an area of nature conservation and quiet recreation in Radley Lakes.  This report [here] by Cranley Environmental sets out a vision for the future of the area, together with detailed proposals for access, natural habitats and implementation.  It’s an exciting prospect with major benefits for local people, but delivery will be gradual, working with landowners and other stakeholders.

As soon as coronavirus restrictions allow there will be public exhibitions so that we can get the maximum possible input from those who visit the Lakes or might in future do so. In the meantime we are publishing this report for comment so we can refine and develop the proposals.

Please send your comments to the email address below by 24 July.

It will help us assess the comments if you can give the relevant section number in the report. We will take all comments into account, but those from private individuals will not be used in a way that gives the person’s identity.

Richard Dudding
(Radley Parish Council’s project lead for the Lakes)
01235 520611

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