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Radley Lakes Public Inquiry Closed

The Radley Lakes Town Green Public Inquiry, held at Radley College, finally closed, without ceremony, on Friday at 3.40pm after sitting for a total of 7 days: comprising 4 days in April and 3 in June, and hearing verbal evidence from a total of 39 separate witnesses, 36 of whom appeared for the Applicant and 3 for the Objectors. The Inspector, Mr Vivian Chapman QC, concluded the inquiry by requesting Counsels to submit written closing statements by mid July, whereupon he would deliberate the matter and produce a report and recommendations in due course.

The matter hinges on whether the Claimed Land, comprising the Bullfield and Thrupp Lakes and some surrounding land, has been shown to have been used by the public, continuously for 20, or more, years between October 1986 and October 2006 for lawful recreational pastimes, without permission of the landowners and without use of stealth or force. If this has been found to have been shown within the context of the 1965 Commons Act, then the area should be registered as a Village or Town Green, and any development, such as that proposed by RWE npower, of the area will be prevented, irrespective of any planning permissions that may be or may have been granted.


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[Update 24/06/2007]

Summary of Session 2 Proceedings

Inspector   Mr Vivian Chapman QC

Counsel for the Applicant,

(Mrs Jo Cartmell)

  Mr Philip Petchey

Counsel for the Objectors,

(RWE npower, Messrs Curtis and Dockar Drysdale)

  Mr Charles Mynors

The New Pavilion,

Radley College,

20-22 June 2007

On days 5-7, the inquiry heard evidence from 12 more witnesses, + two recalled, as follows:

Wednesday, 20 June

John Dunleavy

  Roger Thomas (recalled)
  David Guyoncourt
  Ray Faulkner
  Elizabeth Clack
  Lynda Pasquire
  Peter Higgs
  Basil Crowley (recalled)
Thursday, 21 June Basil Crowley (cont.)
  Charles Dockar Drysdale
  Oliver Tickell
  Charles Dockar Drysdale (cont)
  Dr L Clyne
  Charles Dockar Drysdale (cont.)
  John Curtis
Friday, 22 June Jennie Standen
  John Curtis (cont.)
  Roger Thomas (recalled)
  John Norton
  Dr L Clyne (cont.)

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