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Radley Lakes Wetland Centre Activities and Events in 2012 (Jan – May)

Path Resurfacing, 5th January 2012

This is likely to be a perennial job: resurfacing the path along the northern edge of Thrupp Lake, particularly at the NW corner near the where it is inclined to become quite muddy over the winter months.


The main effort is wheeling the wood chippings from where they are conveniently stored, by the Lily Shelter, to where they are needed at the far corner of The Lake – a round trip of about a kilometre. Here are two ladies taking it in turns to push a filled barrow.


Here is one lone man pulling a larger load in a small truck.



The trucks and barrows are loaded up here (by the entrance on the E shore of the Lake) …


.. and conveyed all the way to here (at the NW corner of the Lake) where these two sprightly ladies are waiting to rake it over the path.



Barrowmen on the move.


Thrupp Lake, 02 February 2012

The scene on the morning of 2nd February 2012…


… on the Lake…


where numerous seagulls and cormorants await the day’s developments.


Path Resurfacing (continued) 02 February 2012

This is quite a big job and it did not get finished in January.


The collection of wheelbarrows at the ready.



The barrow train in action.



Unloading and spreading


… and raking the chippings out level to an even thickness.


Meadow Clearance, 01 March 2012

This morning’s job was to clear the small meadow at the SE corner of the Lake to remove scrub and open it up to let in more light to encourage orchids and other wildflowers.


A foggy morning at Thrupp Lake.


The team assembled.



Pruning the hedge at the S side of the meadow to let in more light.


Lugging stuff.



Pisaura mirabilis – a spider running about in the low vegetation.


Abandoned wasps’ nest in tree.


Tidying up The Lane, 05 April 2012

This morning’s job was to clear the edges of the lane along the eastern edge of Thrupp Lake of overhanging and encroaching vegetation.


Tree pruning at the entrance to The Lane



Clearing vegetation and debris along the edge of the carriageway


Job done!


Fallen trees and overhanging stuff, 03 May 2012

Work to clear the lane of encroaching vegetation continued with the added necessity of clearing some fallen trees brought down by recent high winds. A very gloomy morning, and quite cold, but the rain so prevalent over recent weeks fortunately held off.
Tree work along the byway east of Thrupp Lake,
Clearing fallen trees along the byway south of Bullfield.
Notable flora and fauna seen on the day included:


House Martin (Delichon urbica)

feeding in flight over Thrupp Lake


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