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Radley Lakes Wetland Centre Activities and Events in 2012 (Jun – Nov)

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations: Tea at the Lakes, 4th June 2012

As part of the Royal Diamond Jubilee celebrations, afternoon teas were served at Thrupp Lake on Monday afternoon.




Pathworks, 7th June 2012



This month, volunteers cleared and made up the path around the pond, removed some large items of litter (including a still-serviceable wheelbarrow) from the lake, and undertook some small-scale demolition in the vicinity of Sandles. The threatened rain thankfully held off most of the morning and really only started to fall heavily about half an hour before the end.


Notable flora and fauna seen on the day included:

  • Family of wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes): adults plus3-4 chicks
  • Common Tern (Sterna albifrons) flying over Thrupp Lake
  • Common Twayblade (Listera ovata)
  • Water Figwort (Scrophularia auriculata): this is a tall plant with small pretty red flowers, which has recently become established along parts of the northern shore of the lake. Nevertheless, over the Jubilee weekend, someone uprooted a large number of these plants (strangely, only this particular species) and left them strewn over the path – nothing less than an inexplicable act of mindless vandalism.

Meadow clearance, 2nd August 2012

In August, clearance work was undertaken on St David’s Meadow at the SE corner of Thrupp Lake to reduce tall vegetation so as to encourage orchids and smaller wild flowers.


A strimmer made short work of the cutting…


… but everything had to be raked up …



… and carried away. Sometimes the bushes seemed to be moving themselves…


… but a closer look revealed otherwise.



Some preferred to use bags to collect and cart away the vegetation for composting nearby.


Job done.

Clearing vegetation from path edges, 06 September 2012

A perennial task is to keep the paths clear of vegetation overgrowth. With over 20 volunteers on hand, the job was done by mid-morning tea-time!


A nip here and a chop there was all that was needed along this section.


Things can get a bit overgrown unless tended properly.

Path clearance work north of Thrupp Lake, 04 October 2012


Thrupp Lake, 04 October 2012

The work on this beautiful sunny morning continued on from the previous month with creating new access points to the northern lake shoreline. Many hands made light of this work. After a bit of …


branch cutting, …


log sawing…

and a little groundwork, …



we had some tea and a natter… and that was that.

Notable flora and fauna seen on the day included Common Darter dragonfly and Fairies’ Bonnets

Byway Maintenance, 01 November 2012

After last month’s debacle of too many volunteers with very little work to do, the Earth Trust, this month, presented us with some more challenging and gruelling work. This consisted mainly of pulverising paving slabs from around Sandles to make hardcore and to use this to fill in the large hollows in the byway south of Bullfield Lake. Heavy overnight rain had turned these hollows into large deep puddles, which presented unacceptable obstructions to pedestrians using this path. For those not used to this sort of hard labour, there was the option of some lighter work cutting back some of the vegetation encroaching from the sides. The work was hindered by the weather (it rained for part of the time) and the very muddy conditions.


Volunteers and Earth Trust staff assembling outside Sandles before work began.



This comprised pruning vegetation,


expertly filling in some small ruts,



and smashing up paving slabs…



to make hardcore, which was transported by landrover and used…


to fill in this very large puddle, thus.

Observations on the day included a large flock of ducks circling over Thrupp Lake, some interesting fungi (not yet identified) and a possible otter footprint (since confirmed).

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