Radley’s Future

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Developers’ Proposals

The VOWH Local Plan Part 1 was adopted shortly before Christmas, giving the go-ahead to the development of three strategic housing sites within Radley parish, subject to planning. Details of the developers’ latest plans and of the parish council’s responses are on this page.

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The Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council is working with volunteers from the community to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. This cannot be used to block development proposals in the Local Plan but can give the community a greater say over its content, location and design, and an influence over the provision of infrastructure to support it. Five sub-groups are currently working on key issues.

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Neighbourhood Plan consultation – December 2016

Radley Neighbourhood Plan: consultation draft was published on 16 December 2016, and sent to the required statutory and local bodies for comment.  This fulfils the Parish Council’s obligations under regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) for pre-submission consultation and publicity. Links to the draft Plan and its supporting documents …

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Thrupp Lane single map

Neighbourhood Plan consultation – May 2016

This page contains links to documents relevant to the Parish Council’s consultation in May 2016 about ideas for the Neighbourhood Plan.   The consultation involved a questionnaire sent to all households and an exhibition in the Village Hall over the week-end of 21/22 May. The Parish Council has reviewed its position on key issues in the light …

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The Local Plan

The Vale of White Horse District Council has prepared the first part of a Local Plan – the Local Plan 2031, Strategic Sites and Policies – which will set the framework for development in Radley, and elsewhere in the Vale of White Horse, for the next 15 years. This Plan is currently the subject of an Examination in Public by an independent Inspector. Confirmation of the Plan as it stands will bring large-scale new housing development to Radley in the short and medium term future.

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Radley Consultations

The Parish Council wants to know what Radley people think. Consultation undertaken in 2010 for the Parish Plan, and in 2014 by the Save Radley Village campaign, give an indication of views at those dates. A further major community consultation exercise is being undertaken in May 2016.

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Thrupp Lane single map2

Topic Group Meeting Notes and Papers

This page contains links to notes of meetings and working papers generated by the five topic groups currently developing proposals for consultation, covering (I) shape and cohesion of the central village; (ii) housing design, size and tenure; (iii) infrastructure; (iv) the site south of Kennington; (v) Thrupp Lane issues.

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