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Development at the Radley Strategic Sites

North Abingdon site

The eastern part of this site lies within Radley parish, stretching from Peachcroft Farm to the Oxford Road.

CEG Land Promotions Ltd registered an application to develop 900 dwellings, 50 retirement homes and various other facilities on this site on 10 January 2017. The application was considered by the VWHDC Planning Committee on 26 July and outline permission granted on 27 October 2017. The application and its supporting plans and documents, the representations made and the case officer’s report can all be found on the VWHDC planning application register here under reference P17/V0050/O.

The next step is for the applicants to submit a further planning application covering reserved matters. The first phase of development is planned for the central part of the site lying to the west on the Oxford Road. It is unclear when work will actually start on site but is very unlikely to be before 2019.

Radley Parish Council is represented on a liaison group set up by CEG to keep the local community informed about progress. This meets roughly quarterly.

North West Radley site

Outline permission for the development of 240 homes on this site was approved in principle by the Vale planning committee on 30 May 2018, subject to agreement on detailed conditions. The application and decision documents together with supporting plans and documents can be found on the VWHDC planning register here under reference P17/V1894/O.

Once formal outline permission agreement is confirmed, Radley College will be looking to transfer the site to a selected developer to take forward the development. Design details will need to go to the Vale for approval. Work on the ground is unlikely to commence before late 2019 at the earliest.

South Kennington site

Redrow Homes registered a full application for development of 283 homes on this site on 7 November 2017. The application and its supporting documents and plans can be found on the VWHDC planning register here under reference P17/V2961/FUL. RPC’s comments on the application can be found along with others on the register.

The application was considered by the Vale planning committee on 17 June but deferred because of Committee concerns, following pressure from the PC and others, that the plans provided insufficient numbers of homes in the market sector for smaller households. The developers have now revised their plans to include more smaller homes. The application is likely to be reconsidered by the planning committee in late August or September.

The Parish Council is continuing to press its concerns about the impact of the development on the local sewerage system and on Sugworth Lane traffic.

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