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Development at the Radley Strategic Sites


North West Radley site

Outline permission for the development of 240 homes on this site was granted in July 2019, subject to agreement on detailed conditions. The application and decision documents together with supporting plans and documents can be found on the VWHDC planning register here under reference P17/V1894/O.

In Autumn 2019, Radley College sold the land to Pye Homes, which is now part of the Blenheim Estate. The new developers are expected to submit a further planning application dealing with the detailed layout of the site and the design of the houses within the next few months.  There will be an opportunity for the parish council and individual members of the community to comment on this application before it is approved by the Vale Planning Committee.

Construction is unlikely to start before late 2020/early 2021.

South Kennington site

Redrow Homes registered an application for development of 283 homes on this site on 7 November 2017 and received full planning permission subject to the discharge of certain conditions on 29 March 2019. The application and decision documents can be found on the VWHDC planning decision register under the reference  P17/V2961/FUL here.

Work has begun on site and first occupancy is expected in the Spring of this year.

North Abingdon site

The eastern part of this site used to lie within Radley parish, stretching from Peachcroft Farm to the Oxford Road. The site was moved into the Abingdon Town area in a parish boundary change made in the Autumn of 2018 as it was felt that the new residents would identify more with Abingdon rather than Radley village.

CEG Land Promotions Ltd registered an application to develop 900 dwellings, 50 retirement homes and various other facilities on this site on 10 January 2017. The application was considered by the VWHDC Planning Committee on 26 July and outline permission granted on 27 October 2017. The application and its supporting plans and documents, the representations made and the case officer’s report can all be found on the VWHDC planning application register here under reference P17/V0050/O.

Three parcels of land at the western end of the site have been sold to David Wilson Homes (a part of the Barrett group), who submitted a detailed application for the development of the first 425 houses in August 2019. This can be found on the VWHDC planning applications website here under reference P19/V2588/RM.  Building work is expected to start in the summer/autumn of 2020 with the first homes occupied around a year later. Some work to upgrade the Wootton Road roundabout and to create an access to the site off Dunmore Road may start sooner.

The outline permission granted in October 2017 included a condition that no more than 400 of the new dwellings should be occupied before a contract has been let to build the south facing slip roads on the A34 at Lodge Hill. The slip road project is currently on hold pending decisions on the Expressway which is in turn subject to review. It could be some considerable time before development gets under way at the Peachcroft end of the site.

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