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The Government is supporting plans to transform the Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge arc into a world-leading economic area, acting as a testbed for innovation. The plans to build an Expressway to link Oxford and Cambridge is a part of that vision. One of the routes under consideration would leave the A34 at Lodge Hill and proceed in an easterly direction through Radley parish, across the river south of Sandford and onwards through the South Oxfordshire Green Belt to join up with the M40 near Wheatley.

A consultation exercise on route options was planned by Highways England in Autumn 2019 but was postponed because of the December general election.  During a visit to Abingdon in the run-up to the election, Transport Minister Grant Shapps promised to review the project if the Conservatives were returned to power, saying that he was no longer convinced that the benefits stacked up.

Next steps are currently unclear, but are likely to involve some kind of review of the case for the Expressway.

Relevant documents can be found here

National Infrastructure Commission.

Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Highways England

The Parish Council held an open meeting at the Silk Hall at Radley College on Monday 8 July 2019 to present information on the wider plans and the possible implications for Radley. The meeting was chaired by Layla Moran MP. Presentations and a note of the meeting are below.

Bev Hindle, Director, Oxfordshire Growth Board

Hazel Dawe, Chair, No Expressway Alliance

Is the Expressway coming through Radley? Priscilla Dudding, RPC

Report of 8 July meeting.

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