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Neighbourhood Plan consultation – May 2016

This page contains links to documents relevant to the Parish Council’s consultation in May 2016 about ideas for the Neighbourhood Plan.   The consultation involved a questionnaire sent to all households and an exhibition in the Village Hall over the week-end of 21/22 May.

The Parish Council has reviewed its position on key issues in the light of consultation responses and published its latest views in a position statement dated 22 August 2016.

The following documents were prepared in advance of the consultation:

The following documents record the outcome:

The exhibition was held in the Village Hall from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd  May.  Tea and cakes were provided by Radley WI.

Exhibits included

  • A map to show the likely impacts of the proposed housing development on Radley’s infrastructure, along with ideas to manage the impacts
  • Maps and photos to illustrate our vision for the future of the Thrupp Lane area
  • Ideas for the future of the Village Hall and playing fields
  • Ideas and plans for the possible development of the central Radley allotments
  • Radley College’s latest plans for the White’s Lane site. The college was represented at the exhibition for part of each day.
  • Redrow Homes plans for the south Kennington They were represented at the exhibition to hear views between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon on Saturday 21st
  • Arnold White Estates proposals for housing south of Gooseacre should it be removed from the Green Belt. They were present throughout the exhibition to hear views
  • The site owner’s ideas for the possible development of 13 houses at the Old Coal Yard off Thrupp Lane.

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