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Update – Radley’s sewers – problems and repairs

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19 July Update:

Thames Water report that the works are going well.  Having dug about eight metres down and dug tunnels 15 metres long, the pipes are laid and the tunnels are being backfilled with concrete (to prevent further soil movement damaging the pipes).  Where the shaft is now, there will be a manhole.  Thames Water is confident everything will be finished by 12 August, if not before.  Cappagh have done a good job in unpleasant conditions, partly because it’s the same crew as last time and they are familiar with the geology.

There is date for  ‘Upper’ Lower Radley as yet, but the work will be done by Murphys.

Thames Water report that an exceptional amount of fat and grease is blocking Radley’s sewers.

Parish Council representatives met the manager responsible for this area last week and were told that the cause of the problem in Church Road is a failure in a manhole which has partially blocked the sewer.  This narrowing has been exacerbated by a build-up of hardened fat and grease which narrowed the pipe still further and caused a major blockage.  

Read a detailed account of the conversation.

The manhole is being repaired and a new pipe will be laid in Foxborough Road close to the Lower Radley turn.   Work is expected to take another 7-9 weeks and the road will remain at least partly closed for the duration.

Separately, Thames Water plan to replace a section of pipe in ‘upper’ Lower Radley which also has problems. This work may take a further 2/3 weeks during which time the road will be kept open.

Thames Water report that they have done extensive investigations elsewhere in the system and found no further problems.  They also consider that there is sufficient capacity in the existing system to deal with the current volume of sewage, and more.

They say that a quite exceptional quantity of fat is being deposited in the drains in Radley and that this has made the problems much worse.  Thames Water is investigating the source.


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