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Railway Station Adoption Scheme – Public Meeting Called

Have you ever wanted to get involved with your local railway station? Now you can.

Train company Great Western Railway is not only responsible for operating most of our local trains, but also for managing 210 stations of which 20 are in Oxfordshire. Together with Oxfordshire County Council, First Great Western has re-launched the Station Adoption Scheme which it inherited from a predecessor last year. The scheme allows local communities to adopt a railway station in Oxfordshire. One of these stations is Radley. 

Station adoption has been hugely successful in other parts for the country. Local communities form a group so that people can work together to care for and improve their stations. Adopters can do as much or as little as they like. Volunteers will add value to what is being done already at local stations and can help create a more attractive, cared for station that will showcase their community. There are four basic options:

  • Gardening
  • Station watch
  • Station improvement
  • Local information 
You can even suggest improvements at your station that may attract funding from the County Council. 

The scheme is entirely voluntary and involves no financial commitment of behalf of the adopter, though you can decide to invest in your station if you want to. 

Radley Parish Council is keen to improve the local station and hopes others feel the same. 

A public meeting is being held on Friday 14 September at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall to discuss station adoption. Representatives from First Great Western and Oxfordshire County Council will be present to answer any questions. 

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